It is now the year 2014 and we can officially announce that the world is pretty much on the path to being dominated by robots. But while some robots may try and take over, there is a new robot here in America that actually wants to pleasure us!

The WheeMe ( is a new palm-sized robot, designed solely for your relaxation. The specs. are so unbelievable with this new device that it uses never-seen-before unique sensor technology to move along your back to create wave after wave of soothing sensations, without falling down or losing grip… See ya later massage therapists and girlfriends/boyfriends!

The Levity Ball sat down with WheeMe’s marketing guru Liran Erez, who actually left his day job as a Harley-Davidson sales manager to help bring this robot to America, to find out more about this lovable robot…


What first attracted you to working with the WheeMe products?

The WheeMe seemed to me as a great product with unique features. After testing it on myself and my friends and family I knew that the WheeMe has massive potential that wasn’t fulfilled yet. Dreambots and I felt that if we’ll work together we can power the WheeMe forward towards worldwide online distribution.

What makes the WheeMe different than other devices out there in the same field?

Unlike other technological gadgets that only vibrate on top of your back, or tickle your skin, the WheeMe has some patented features that give it a huge advantage, like the ’tilt sensor’ that prevents it from falling off your back and more. You can learn more about the tech here – That way, the WheeMe can go all over your back while vibrating or tickling, without you being worried that it will fall or stop.

What are the health benefits to using a WheeMe?

From lowering blood pressure and heart rate to increasing immune function and relieving pain, getting touched or doing some touching makes you healthier – not to mention happier and less anxious. You can read more on the health benefits here:

How have Americans reacted since the device has been launched in the USA from overseas?

We introduced the WheeMe to the world in the CES few years ago, since then it was a sensation in many regions mostly in Europe. The Americans met the WheeMe not long ago for the first time as we launched a pilot with Brookstone, but the numbers are still small simply because we wish to do it as perfect as possible for the American costumers. We are now working on make our big debut in USA using some promising retailers along with online distribution via Amazon. Hopefully, by the holidays the WheeMe will be well-known in the US, because we really believe that Americans would love it.

What does the future hold for the WheeMe device? Will there be new versions coming out?

The WheeMe technology is still very innovative compering to other products in the market, although it came out almost 3 years ago. But of course we won’t stop here! We are working around the clock on a new WheeMe 3.0 that will be by far the most technological, innovative and functional massage robot in the world. Stay tuned…

Where can people buy the WheeMe?

Currently we’re selling the WheeMe in our own website and ship it worldwide (visit the store here – Also, we will soon launch an Amazon store for WheeMe’s products for easier purchase process in the US. And as mentioned, we are working on closing with some retailers around the world that will join our already existing retailers (here is the list –

Do you think robots are going to take over the world one day?

They already have, haven’t they?! Seriously though, I believe that if we’ll keep the right balance between human interaction and robots that will help us improve specific elements in our live, then we’ll be fine. People still need people in their everyday lives, but sure some robots can help every once in a while, let’s say if your life partner doesn’t have energy to give you a massage, then you have the WheeMe…

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I’ll sound like a top model and say that wars. We had enough with wars and violence because of religion/territory/technology. Each of us should live his life quietly, without worrying about the next bomb attack or whatever.