Nutritional genomics, also known as nutrigenomics, is a science studying the relationship between human genome, human nutrition and health. And now this science is quickly and actively available to all of us here in New York thanks to a new company called Autumn DNA.

With this company, they first decode a person’s DNA through an actual at-home sample, and then after examining the sample the company sends them monthly supplements and nutrients that will best suit what their DNA and body needs to stay healthy. It has been named one of the most innovative companies nationwide, as it actually uses science and DNA to figure out what you need, rather than trial and error.

The Levity Ball spoke directly to the men behind this all Gianni Lotfi and Adam Pivko, about how us here in NY can get our hands on a better lifestyle by knowing our DNA more. Oh, and they also tell us who is healthier… us Americans, or them Canadians (even though one of them grew up right in New Jersey)! Keep reading on…

Autumn DNA has been ground-breaking and trending since its launch! Why do you feel people are loving the way your company and process runs?

Thanks so much for noticing! I think it’s because we REFUSE to sell people vitamins and supplements they don’t ACTUALLY need, in an industry that typically lacks transparency, integrity, and accuracy! Clients very quickly realize that we not only get it right on the first try but when they stick to the personalized plan the positive effects are remarkable.

We had one client comment “I realize now, I never knew what healthy even felt like.” Like WOW, if that doesn’t motivate you as a business owner, I don’t know what does…

What is the science behind decoding someone’s DNA and figuring out their supplement plan?

What is great about DNA is that it doesn’t change, sure some parts turn on or off as we age or lifestyle factors may impact the function, but the structure remains the same. Therefore, our tech looks at both one’s DNA as well as their Lifestyle choices, Nature & Nurture if you will, in order to curate personalized plans. Our easy-to-understand reports and regiments owe their credit to incredible technology, extensive research, combined with the revolutionary science known as nutrigenomics. 

Why should someone who isn’t using Autumn DNA switch to it?

There are definitely a wide variety of answers to this question, and that’s a gift and a curse for our business, in that what we do is personalized to each individual from over 415 Billion different possible combinations. However, people are getting their supplementation wrong more often than right, due to a wide variety of factors. There is simply no need to be guessing, or trial and erroring with your health anymore. We’ve also found many of our clients are frustrated with their current health care providers not taking a proactive or preventative approach, or simply incapable of doing so. If someone is not sure if their vitamins or supplements are even working, then it’s definitely time to give this technology a try. People taking a simple multivitamin off the shelf, you’ve gotta realize one-size-DOES-NOT-fit-all, and you’re likely wasting your money or perhaps even doing more harm than good.

How has it been running an online health/supplement company during the pandemic? 

We think the pandemic exponentially encouraged people to take their health more seriously. It also shed a lot of light on the importance of vitamins and supplements, which further demonstrated the need for us in the market. However, on the flip side of this, large swaths of the population started to second guess the efficacy of “science,” which has definitely been a bit troublesome for us in full transparency, as we heavily leverage peer-reviewed and clinically proven scientific documentation for our recommendations.

You are based in Toronto – just slightly North of us – but when you do come to New York, where are some of your favorite spots to hang out at / eat at?

I am a dual citizen and grew up in New Jersey. I am lucky and still have an awesome group of friends from high school and family in the NY/NJ area, I go and visit typically multiple times per year. For hanging out and eating, I definitely like the Chelsea Market area, you can get up high and have awesome views of the city from numerous spots like PHD/Dream Hotel or Gansevoort Rooftop, and have an awesome assortment of great restaurants like Buddakan, Miznon, or Catch, but there are soo many great spots on the city to pick just one. I gotta give a shout out to Millburn Deli (Millburn, NJ), if you know you know, it’s the absolute best on the planet, Honey Maple Turkey Joe or Godfather for the win.

What are some of your favorite health-based stores here in town?

Generally speaking, I think for the health-conscious, Wholefoods and Sweetgreen have some good options but don’t be misled, just because it’s on the shelf there, doesn’t necessarily mean it is great quality, healthy, or even right for you. Sorry, nothing notable on the small business side of things. The thing about most stores in my experience is that they are typically being maintained by employees without sufficient knowledge to make recommendations on products at all. In many cases, they are financially incentivized to encourage a specific brand or product regardless of the customer’s individual needs. I am open to being proved wrong here and truly hope this trend begins self-correcting in some way.

Who is healthier in your mind based on your own sign-ups: Canadians or Americans?

Funny you ask this, as we were conducting some of our initial market research, it was apparent that Americans are far less likely to have strong nutritional education or make healthy life choices than their neighbors to the north. This is due to a wide variety of factors, but most notably, the prevalence of fast food options being about 6 times more available than grocery stores in the US, and a not as advanced nutritionist, naturopathic or functional wellness practitioner network like that of the Canadian landscape. These are typically quite evidential on the optimal health side of things.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

2022 is a really exciting time Autumn DNA already, but the optimism has never really been greater than it is right now. We’re planning on helping tens of thousands more people feel better, improve their quality of life, and finally get their supplementation right. We’ll continue to do this in a direct-to-consumer fashion but have already started a program for businesses to offer our personalized solutions as an employee wellness program, which I think is really a game-changer. Who wouldn’t want more focused, optimized workers who get sick less, sleep better, and/or even have more energy, while at the same time likely reducing their insurance costs?