COVID-19 has changed the world, and with those changes come the advancement of integrating cutting edge technology into our daily lives. One such technology that is currently starting to take over businesses across the United States and here in New York is the RapidScreen Thermometer Kiosk, which is a cutting edge advanced artificial intelligence thermo-imaging technology thermometer / facial scanning system that businesses including the Four Seasons, Johnson & Johnson and many others are using to screen both employees and customers for their temperature, face masks and other symptoms related to COVID-19.

The mastermind behind the contactless kiosks is Pouya Hashemi, who actually was one of the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in the United States. We stat down with a now fully recovered Pouya to learn more.

When did the idea of the RapidScreen come to mind?

Unknowingly, I overcame COVID-19 back in January. After realizing I had the virus, this pandemic impacted me more than anticipated. Seeing all these businesses forced to shut down, it became my mission to pivot and help other businesses reopen safely when the time comes.

Yourself, being one of the first cases here in the US of COVID-19, what was going through your mind when you realized you had it?

When I was actually experiencing COVID-19 symptoms there were no known cases here in the US. At the time, I just figured it was a flu or something similar. However, after my trip to the doctor confirmed it was not a flu and more information about the virus came out, it became clear. I was relieved to find out that I had overcome this virus but also wanted to find a way to help others during this time.

What about COVID-19 should people know, since you went through it yourself?

I’m the type of person that will rarely ever go to the doctor unless I’m literally dying. Usually when I get sick, I’ll just fight through it, however this was a completely different experience. I could barely drink water without excruciating pain. Even keeping my mental focus was next to impossible. I couldn’t even concentrate enough to write out a single sentence text response. I have never experienced something like this, ever!

With RapidScreen, you are now helping to protect people. What new advances in technology and elements of your product are key and so important to businesses looking to re-open / keep their staff and customers safe?

With such a contagious virus, it is important to take preventative measures. Now that we are reopening our nation, we made it our focus to work on new technology and innovations to help through this process. We developed RapidScreen to help businesses reopen safely and prevent the spread, with cutting edge technology such as the Heimann Sensor, the world’s leading German technology in infrared thermopile arrays. RapidScreen temperature kiosk is not going to solve all the problems or concerns of Covid, however it’s designed to make a noticeable impact on helping avoid the spread of the virus by identifying individuals with a high probability of being contagious. The overall goal is to reduce concerns for the employees and customers of the organization.

Here in New York, we were hit pretty hard with COVID-19. What is your advice from a business stand-point to CEOs right now from one owner to another?

Opening back up is a daunting task for many business owners, especially ones that are in the hardest hit cities. I have a lot of empathy for small business owners, as they have limited resources and are faced with the challenge of taking every precaution possible to protect their employees, vendors and customers; and at the same time generating revenue for the business. During times like this, businesses need to be creative in staying afloat and really need to find small ways to pivot from cutting down costs or generating additional revenue in a completely different vertical. I would suggest the business owner having an open dialog with their employees to get their thoughts and discover new and innovative ideas on how to best move forward. At the very least, they will get closer to their team and learn something about their organization they may have not known.

On a personal note, after all the pandemic calms down, where are your favorite places you want to come and enjoy here in NYC?

I love NYC! Sadly haven’t visited for the past 10 years. As soon as the pandemic passes, I plan to travel a lot more, and NYC is on my list.

How can New Yorkers get a RapidScreen for their places of work?

They can visit our dedicated product page: to learn more about the device. New Yorkers, or anyone else out there can easily connect with us by completing our online form and a product specialist will get in touch shortly.

And final question: What do you want RapidScreen overall to be remembered for when people look back at 2020?

As many people do, I have always seen America as the land of opportunity and a country that will not go down for the count. Our country has always been able to rise back up based on the individuals that believed in their nation and themselves. With innovation and perseverance we can overcome almost anything, including a worldwide pandemic. RapidScreen is one of those innovations that will help get us through this challenging time.