Natasha Marc: Weathering the Storm and Making It Big In Hollywood


Born and raised in New Orleans, actress Natasha Marc always knew she was destined for Hollywood, and after the unfortunate disaster that was Hurricane Katrina in her hometown that left the area in a state of total disorder, Marc packed up her bags and headed west to California to chase her dreams once and for all.

Now, years later, Marc has appeared on countless television shows such as The Rookie, Timeless, Ballers and Days of Our Lives, and has appeared in many movies, print campaigns and commercial spots. And what’s more, Marc has just secured a main role on the upcoming Showtime series, The Good Lord Bird, which is surely to make 2020 her biggest year yet!

The Levity Ball sat down with Marc to learn more about her upcoming role, her journey to Hollywood and when we will get to see her here in New York City…

1. When did you first know you wanted to become an actress?

I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was about 8 years old. I was obsessed with the television show Full House and I imagined myself all the time on set and in scenes with the cast. I would reenact scenes and imitate what I was seeing, I literally would get lost in the world that was created on the show.

2. You even used to have a men’s clothing line at one point… tell us about this? Was this your first experience “creating” something?

Yes, my men’s clothing line was called Angry Boys Club. It indeed was my first time creating something into production of doing sales. I had this idea of taking some money I saved and investing it into something that will support me financially so that I can purely focus on acting. But unfortunately I attempted to do this alone without any business partners and the business kind of took off so much so I got overwhelmed with the response of it all and ended up not being a responsible and sufficient business woman with customer service. My acting career was starting to take off and I neglected my business. I had to close shop until I found a partner who’s dream is to have a clothing line. I still have a garage full of inventory to date.

3. Rewind again a bit: You grew up and then fled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina… How was this experience (first with Katrina) and then changing to adapt to a whole new environment and way of life in Hollywood?

Lol. Yes, born and raised in New Orleans. I was one of many who didn’t evacuate in due time. My first thought was I really need to learn how to swim when I get out of this mess (lol). I stayed behind with an ex-boyfriend and it was really scary. An eye opening experience for sure. So much go through your head when you feel like this could be it for you… or not. The experience changed my wants in life. It gave me strength like I’ve never imagine and the courage to pursue something people dream of but allow fears and doubt to hold them back. Adapting to Hollywood took about 3 to 5 years. There was so much I had to learn and change about myself. In a good way though, I evolved and blossomed from a deprived poverty- stricken young lady into a bright, powerful wise young woman, the kind I saw on Different World.

4. Since coming to Hollywood, you have appeared on some great shows and in some great movies. Which so far has stood out to you and why?

I have. My first film opportunity in Hollywood was given to me by Ms. Robi Reed (fantastic casting director). It was a film called My Name is Khan. A feature filmed based on The story of an Indian Muslim man who suffers from the Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that impacts social interaction abilities. He is arrested mistakenly as a suspected terrorist in post-9/11 Los Angeles. It was starred by Shah Rukh Khan who is huge in his country. I was super grateful for the opportunity and experience. From then I went on to star in lots of tv commercials until my tv credits started rolling in. I’ve appeared in HBO’s Ballers, ABC’s The Rookie and NBC’s Timeless to name a few. Out of the three I would have to say Timeless was my shining moment of that year. It premiered on my birthday and I played a sneaky1930’s assassin who wasn’t suspected. I love period pieces, the clothing is so gorgeous and unique.

5. You next appear in Showtime’s The Good Lord Bird as the slave character of Pie. Tell us more about the role and what viewers can expect when it comes out soon?

Yes, “Pie” is a mixed-race prostitute working out of the “local hotel” in Missouri. Men travel from miles around to visit her. Despite her circumstances Pie takes pride into her position and it gives her a sense of pride and power. Pie loves her money! beware as she will do anything to serve her own interest, she’s a bit malicious but you love her anyway.

6. You also appear in the Dr. Pepper Fansville campaign… what’s the big differences between campaigns like this and TV/movie roles and how you prepare?

I am the most favorite Dr. Pepper girl in the campaigns and its pretty cool. I love the storylines and the response I get from tv viewers and Dr. Pepper lovers. I would say the biggest difference is the preparation for the story. With tv and film you receive some sort of information about this person whether it’s the background and or intent ahead of time so that you are able to create this story and sell it when you get on set. There are scripts to follow and a whole story surrounding your character. With the Dr. Pepper campaigns its more of instincts and quick thinking on your feet. There is some direction on what is asked of from the scene but for the most part I’m just living in this crazy fun football tailgating Disney land and just being in the moment.

7. What is the best advice you would give to others wanting to move to Hollywood from wherever they are and pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry?

The best advice I can give is to know who you are and exactly what you want and focus on that always. You have to have thick skin and not be easily detoured from your aspirations. Having a savings will be nice to help you while you get on your feet and figure out the ropes and adjustments. Set your goals and intentions, and know that it may not happen overnight but it will happen when you put the work. And never stop learning and studying your craft.

7. Your industry family extends to Kelly Rowland, Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Jamie Foxx… not a bad group of people to be family with. Have any of them given you some solid advice?

I’m really blessed and grateful to have them. They lend advice whenever I call. But for the most part I don’t ask much I just observe and soak up the gems they drop while speaking to me in the norm.

8. When do we get to see you here in NYC?

I would love to work in New York! I’ve actually been up for a few projects but haven’t quite bagged any as of yet. I love New York, the city lights and views are magical. Its super cool that NY have all four seasons distinctively. A city that never sleeps and always is live, with people on a mission all the time.

9. Where do you see yourself and career in five years from now?

In the next 5 years I see myself in a loving beautiful relationship with my knight in shining armor. Maybe a kid or twins or not (lol), living in my dream home and working on a dream job. Career wise I see myself as an accomplished award when actor, with a few box office hits under my belt and starring in a hit tv show with ground breaking ratings and viewership.

10. And final question: What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remember as the extraordinary actress with one of the biggest hearts and ambitious spirit, for my uplifting and encouraging guidance and my strong faith belief foundation.