Philanthropist, model, mother, wife, Celebrity publicist, are some of the many qualifications and attributes that Mrs. Shari Williams possesses. The wife of Pennsylvania State Senator, the esteemed Anthony Williams whom in his 4th term in office serves the most populous and diverse district of Pennsylvania which includes parts of Southern and Western Philadelphia, along with thirteen suburban communities in Delaware County (Collingdale, Colwyn, Darby Borough, Part of Darby Township, East Lansdowne, Folcroft, Glenolden, Lansdowne, Millbourne, Norwood, Sharon Hill, Part of Upper Darby and Yeadon).  Married for 18 years, Mrs. Williams and her husband embody the entrepreneurial spirit as well as that of service to their community. A model by craft, Mrs. Williams has evolved henceforth taking both the Public Relations and Beauty/Cosmetic industries by storm. From Event coordination and hosting, to the branding of various ventures. Mrs. Williams is certainly a tastemaker, and wholesome individual. In our discussion, Mrs. Williams was very candid about her life goals, her experiences and what she seeks to impart in others with each initiative. Get to know if you will the classy, professional CEO of ShaShaGlam Beauty & Body Care and Shari Williams Enterprises, Mrs. Shari Williams.

Mrs. Williams you are renowned for your brand as a whole which includes public relations consultation, modeling services, and cosmetic provisions via your beauty and body line: take us back if you will to the preliminary stages of your empire, where was the starting point?

In 2010 I decided that I wanted to launch a brand of my own under the Shari Williams Enterprises umbrella.  Prior to that I was well known for PR consultation as you mentioned, and branding, but had not really ventured out as an owner. For quite some time close friends of mine were into designing and selling handbags, jewelry as well as other accessories and the idea became increasingly appealing to me. I was into the beauty industry of course via modeling so I figured it would be a smooth transition. I had the fortune of meeting a woman at a yoga class who told me that she could help me with my vision, and thus far it has been great.

Let’s talk about your philanthropy for starters; you participate in a number of community-based functions aimed at overall societal upliftment; where did that self-less nature with which you operate derive from?

Over the years I have lent my hand to a number of organizations in conjunction with a collective that is very dear to me called HAUTE WIVES. These women are great, all of whom who have been married for a number of years and prioritize supporting their community and their husbands which is something that we desperately need now more than ever.  We as Haute Wives want to impress upon others the knowledge that marriage is cool, and very sexy.  As a woman when you bring your best to your marriage, it’s priceless. We juggle careers, households, families and do it with grace.  Ultimately as the HAUTE WIVESwe want to promote the bringing together of communities and families, upliftment of one another. We are fighting back against the lack of relationships and rebuilding that staple.

You were a part of Dancing with the Stars Philly, which is very interesting. With that in mind, I have to ask: do you see yourself joining the bigger stage of the well known Dancing with the Stars brand?

(Laughs)  I dance during Zumba class a couple of times a week. Dancing with the Stars Philly was a great experience and opportunity to support positivity and community awareness. I always value and preach the support of and involvement in charitable work. I danced Salsa during Dancing with the Stars, and my husband was very supportive. I had fun and it helped the community just like some of the other functions and events that I have been blessed to be a part of such as the Easter Dinner where we partnered with Ronald McDonald House charities and fed families. The level of appreciation in those who we helped was amazing.  It was heart-warming. It’s rare that you get to do something fun all the while raising money for a great cause. But to answer your question, I do not see myself on the big stage anytime soon.

How did you get into PR?

As a model people often times ask me to support their product or their company. I became a spokesperson. With the experience from my past jobs, specifically with the Public Utility Commission I was very familiar with the importance of branding, and recognition. I naturally knew how to incorporate all of these skills with what I did personally and sociably in modeling and event attendance. I figured I could stick to what I know: Fashion, Entertainment, and Modeling. I used those things as a platform to excel, and I found my niche helping others reach their goals.

With regards to your personal goals, how did you find the time or effort if you will to brand yourself?

I have to give a lot of the credit to Total Press Collections, whom specialize in husband/wife outerwear, including handbags jewelries, etc. They were instrumental in encouraging me to develop my own products, brand, and nurture my vision.  I’ve always found it easy as a model to pitch something to people. With cosmetics it is even simpler, if it smells good or feels good it is for you. People are drawn to that conclusion, so I knew I had a good chance at success.

Tell us about ShaShaGlam, you offer an entire Home Spa Experience correct, what can a patron of ShaShaGlam expect?

When you create something, most of the time people want to know how. They want to experience it. My product is good, and I have gotten great feedback. ShaShaGlam products are great on my skin, it eliminates ash and as user of my own product that’s what I wanted to offer to my clientele; great moisturizers, lotions, sugar scrubs, and more; that was my goal. As a woman you can buy tons of products, but when you find one that works, you stick with it. That is what people can expect from ShaShaGlam. I believe that if I use it, people will too. I am confident in my brand.

What has the overall feedback been like?

People see you as a model; they see you as having it all together. It’s not always like that. I will share a secret, I have dry skin. I wanted to create a product that helps with dry skin. My family and friends have all tried it and sing the praises of ShaShaGlam products. The feedback from the general public has been just as encouraging and helpful.
The entrepreneurial gene has certainly been passed from your husband and yourself to your daughter who also has a beauty line, would you like to shed some light on that?

I’ve been married for 18 years; my husband and I have been together for 22 years. I’ve come up with a variety of ventures. With this one, ShaShaGlam, my husband told me ‘do what you like, as long as its sustainable’ that was great support. Speaking on my daughters venture, Autumn V cosmetics, she came to me and said, “Mom I want to start a line.” I had not even known that she has been paying attention throughout the years with my different business ventures, and getting inspired.  She did all the research herself, and devised a business plan and developed her products. She shared it with friends, as well as used it on me. As a family we sat down, my husband, daughter, and I; we asked her about her goals, and spoke on how adventurous it would be for her to own a business at her age. We impressed upon her how much work it would entail but definitely encouraged her to follow through. We warned her to be realistic about the benefits and profit margin. As a woman it feels good to feel good and that was one of my motivations for getting into cosmetics; to have my daughter share that passion is amazing. To see her transition is great.

Your husband Mr. Anthony Williams has devoted the past 24 years of his life to public service, as his wife how have you gone about the support of your life partner in such a demanding role?

I will admit that it is very difficult. From the outside looking in, people will think that you are always up. That is not the case. When there are bad days, the public doesn’t see that. People want to know what you can do for them. Unfortunately, that’s one of the things that come with the territory.  I suppress my trials for the purpose of helping others. My husband has been in politics a long, long time. I am there when he is exhausted. When he comes home, I am his relief. I listen to him, talk about the pride he takes in helping his constituents; from helping someone out of jail, to enhancement of people’s livelihoods. It makes me happy that he is doing the best job that he can. I give him his space and allow him to rest, I support our family. I remind women that I am married to the man, and he is married to the community. I am in full support of that.