Think string instruments have to be boring? Then you obviously haven’t heard the electric rock string duo of Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee–together, they are called FUSE, a combination of string instruments and an electric sound that fuses rock and string into one magnificent, unique and unforgettable music listening experience.

A violin makes a beautiful sound. An electric violin? Makes something even more extraordinary. Which is why in 2009, FUSE became the very first electric violin band to sign with a major global record company. Their unique sound, immeasurable talent and exciting new music is making waves around the country.

Their debut album takes beloved rock classics and reinterprets them into an amazing, electric sound that simply can’t be duplicated—and all with violins! Their reinterpretations, both from their debut album and their mixes and club sets, include I Love Rock and Roll, Beat It, Top Gun Anthem, and Bad Romance. So many people unfairly view the violin as a boring instrument, capable only of crooning out classical music from centuries-dead composers. FUSE proves all of these misconceptions very, very wrong with their stunning electric violin playing. In fact, many people don’t even realize that what they are hearing is a violin. Linzi Stoppard of Fuse was told recently, regarding their debut album, that “the album is great but I can’t hear as much of the violins as I’d like.” Of course, the listener didn’t realize that they were hearing the violins! As Stoppard recently said in an interview regarding the comment, “Everything you hear is violins! The style that we use when we play is more akin to that of a guitar player, with more soul and electricity – literally!”

Part of the FUSE mission—in addition to bringing electric music to anyone willing to take a chance—is to show that electric violins can be just as versatile, just as technical and just as electric as an electric guitar. The band, instead of using plug-in mixer which is very common with people who play electric violin, uses a series of effects pedals that create more real, live and not “generated” sounds. Each of their electric violins is actually sprayed with a unique finish that contains real gold particles. This is just part of the FUSE process of toning their electric violins so that they can take the full force of the outstanding music that Linzi and Ben create together.









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