Miss Los Angeles 2014/2015 and HBO Entourage’s hottie Annabella Gutman has created quite a career/resume for herself since moving to Hollywood from Israel, where she was known for starring in a Corn Flakes commercial. With many projects lined up for 2015 and beyond, we here at The Levity Ball just had to sit down and find out more from this gorgeous rising star…

When did you first “know” that you wanted to work in the fashion & entertainment industries?

Since I was a very young girl, I used to sketch pictures of models with different wardrobes. I even learned to sew in school. I was always mesmerized by women’s fashion and always knew I would do something in the fashion industry. As I got older, my interest turned from behind the camera to in front of it, as a couture model. That led to a natural progression into film.

Who were some of your role models growing up and ones today?

Early role models were Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. They all personified confidence and class within the fashion world. Today, I still admire all of those women, and are impressed and amazed at how well they aged. They are all still beautiful. My greatest role model is of course my mother, who also modeled when she was younger. Her nickname was “Bridgett Bardot”. Even today, she is a beautiful confident women, and I hope I look as good as she does at her age.

What was your first modeling job, and were you scared posing your first time for the cameras?

My first job was a TV commercial for corn flakes in Israel. After that, I did extensive print catalog work, and then fashion shows. I am very comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It is completely natural for me.

How does living and working in Hollywood compare to where you grew up?

LA is completely different than growing up in Israel. In Israel, I did a few commercials, and right away I was kind of a celebrity. Commercials are a quite a big deal there. The entire country only has 6 million people so it is easier to get noticed.

10403596_809543032450516_5559707443161236669_nWhat has been the hardest thing you’ve gone through in the Hollywood industry since moving here?

The hardest part was trying to settle myself when I moved to Los Angeles because I didn’t know anybody when I first arrived. Also, trying to understand how to get into the film and TV industries presented many challenges. It was really tough for the first year or two, but I eventually learned everything I needed to know in order to pursue my career from a stable foundation.

You starred on an episode of Entourage… Are you excited for the upcoming movie? How was it working with those boys?

Being on the set of Entourage exposed me to what it’s like to be on a big-budget production. It was amazing. The cast was really cool and everything was done with the highest degree of professionalism. The atmosphere was light and everyone had fun while getting the work done. It was a great experience working with the entire cast and crew. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out.

You also won Miss Los Angeles 2014… Would you ever do another beauty pageant?

I’m actually competing this year for Miss California, which leads to the Miss United States and Miss World competitions. This is the second year that I will be representing the City of Los Angeles. I hope to win so that I can inspire other women and help charities. Most likely, this will be my last pageant. There’s a lot of work involved in pageantry, which I enjoy, but after this I will be focusing solely on acting and modeling.

What is your definition of “beautiful”?

I believe that beauty comes from the inside out, not the other way around. Every woman has her own look and each one is beautiful in her own way, and has her unique charm. However, I would have to say that kindness, confidence and a sweet personality are the keys to a beautiful woman in my opinion.


What is your advice to others looking at getting into both the fashion and entertainment industries?

Be strong, believe in yourself, and don’t give up. You need to be mentally prepared for the reality that it probably won’t be as easy as you think it will be. You will need to be persistent. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you can’t do it. Consider yourself as your own empire that you’re branding and building. Don’t waste you opportunities by not being prepared. Don’t get distracted with anything that can ruin you career. Stay focused on the bright path for success.

What upcoming projects do you have?

I’m currently producing an episodic called CLIQUE, which is like Entourage meets Sex in the City, with a touch of Seinfeld. It’s a unique project on it’s own and it’s based on the story that I wrote. It’s about a group of friends who are pursuing their entertainment careers in Hollywood, while working various strange jobs to make a living. Relationships, work, friends, family and life in Los Angeles as independent women… all of this is presented in a way that reminds us to go for our dreams without sacrificing your values and sense of humor. Also, as I mentioned before, I’ll be representing the city of Los Angeles in the 2015 Miss California United States Pageant. In addition to that, I keep myself ready and open to opportunities for acting and modeling work.

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