Honestly, it was only a matter of time until someone had the drive to push forward a resource such as Yamgo. Yamgo: TV on the Go, is an immediately accessible alternative to the cultural revolution YouTube or streaming services such as Hulu. Yamgo is a resource which collects a wide variety of TV content for live streaming on For viewing on your desktop or mobile device, Yamgo offers a slew of TV for you to watch, no strings attached.

Is it legal?

In this day and age, it is worth noting upfront that yes, Yamgo is wholly legal. Everything is legitimate and constructed with legality in mind. Yamgo has associated with a plethora of independent film companies and international media companies, Yamgo has obtained the usage to live stream video content from their resource of television.

What is available to watch?

The broad categories include Sports, News, Music, Entertainment and Woman, among others. Each category features anywhere between 8-25 channels. Under Sports, there is a channel dedicated solely to automobiles (aptly titled Automobile TV) as well as a channel specified to boating and the outdoors (VIVA Adventure) and Air Sports, to name a few.

The most impressive category is entertainment, largely due to the variety of content which fits this wide umbrella. Green TV Comedy features indie comedians and stand-up acts with a blend of information about the world and –preserving it. There is a kids channel (Nirvana Kids) as well as spiritual, outdoor animals, and documentary channels.

It is important to know that Yamgo is not associated with mainstream television outlets. This means no watching the Simpsons, Comedy Central, or MTV shows on the site…for now. But this invariably offers a unique alternative to those who end up watching television online or on their mobile devices. The channels are supplied almost strictly by independent networks, whose whole audience rests on the foundations of the Internet. It is a polarizing and mesmerizing look into a whole underground world of entertainment that goes beyond CNN, NBC, and Fox. This is undeniably the strength of Yamgo.

How much is it?

Yamgo is free. FREE. It bares repeating that Yamgo costs nothing for any individual. What makes the service even more astonishingly effective is the fact that within seconds (this is literal) you can be streaming television dedicated to a very specific niche of your choosing. You go to the homepage, click a category, click a channel, and immediately a live stream appears. Ity takes a moment for the video to catch causing a quick lag, but it disappears quickly as the video content ‘settles.’ This type of accessibility is paramount in allowing Yamgo success in the future.

It is important to know that Yamgo offers an account feature, for those who want to customize their content for quick viewing, share on social media, or create viewing playlists which one can return to.

Yamgo is indie television. Do not mistake this for ‘poor quality.’ Many of the channels are top-tier television, with high production values. Even further, the channels can afford to single out a particular niche without attributing a lowest common denominator to reach a massive audience. The channels are content specific, always available, and completely free. It seems like a no-brainer upon reading about it, a surprise that it took this long for someone to properly utilize the power of web-based TV.