You can’t say she doesn’t try. Lady Gaga is fighting obsolescence with her constant newsworthy adventures and consistent album turnaround. Her debut “the Fame” dropped in 2008 and rose to the charts almost immediately. With her expanded EP and 2011’s “Born This Way” the pop mistress is averaging an album just about every year. Yet unlike a few popstars we conveniently can’t remember all too well, Lady Gaga isn’t taking anytime off to collect herself on the beaches of Hawaii or the Master room for years on end.

2013 will likely see the release of Gaga’s third album, “ARTPOP.” And just like the majority of her moves, the album is expected to be more than just a “collection of songs.” Alongside a more conventional physical release, “ARTPOP” will be a full-fledged iPhone and Android application. Incorporating games, video content, and bonus redeemable features, “ARTPOP” will live up to its name by being an interactive app and possible new avenue of a massively successful music legacy. This isn’t just an artist app- the album itself will BE the app.
For some, ARTPOP seems to be a grab at notoriety that isn’t all that interesting in practicality. Yet others find it a genius move that could adjust how we consume music. I am leaning more towards the latter for a few reasons: 1) Lady Gaga has already shown herself to be wildly creative and above and beyond her peers musically and 2) The idea sounds intriguing in and of itself, and music is longing for a new consumable option. It’s sort of like the film industry and 3d, expect not as terribly ill-contrived and nauseating.

ARTPOP is expected spring 2013. In the meantime, we have the constantly multiplying Lady Gaga cover songs littering our local YouTube. Oh, and the resurrection of the meat dress.

The future of pop, everyone.