Bat For Lashes is Natasha Khan. She has released two albums under the moniker, haunting, eerie, and mesmerizing in their construct and sound. ‘Two Suns’ radiated with tight production and Khan’s infectious voice. It has been three years since we have heard anything from Bat For Lashes, but with the recent announcement of her latest album, ‘The Haunted Man,’ expect plenty of discussions and activity from the weird torchbearer of Yoko Ono and Bjork.

The album cover features a fully naked Khan holding up an equally naked skinny white man. Metaphorically speaking, it can speak on the difficulties of holding up the weight in a relationship, or feeling like you have the weight of another person bearing down on you (in this case, a clean-cut white guy).

Now literally speaking, the cover is too bizarre to get a response outside “Whoa, what?” The album is set to release October 23, and is expected to bring Bat For Lashes back strong into the public consciousness.

When interviewed about the album cover, Khan said “For me, it’s really important to represent the wild, raw, no makeup, no photoshop– just really archetypal man and woman. People were lifting him onto me and then I’d hold him for, like, three minutes. The weight of him throughout the day was becoming more and more intense, and that’s what a lot of the music is about– being haunted by this weight.”

The album itself is expected to retain a lot of what makes Bat For Lashes so approachable yet dynamic. Bat For Lashes relies on heavy bass, and minimalist style to hearken an atmosphere and mood not unlike the experimental odysseys seen in Bjork and other famous female musicians.

‘The Haunted Man’ will drop October 23. Lead single ‘Laura’ can be viewed below in all its haunting, umm, pianoness.