If Jay-Z and Kanye West haven’t overtaken 2011, they sure plan to destroy 2012. Jay-Z speculated recently that Watch the Throne 2 is quite possible, a follow-up to their smash collaborative effort, Watch the Throne.

“It depends on how this thing finishes up,” Jay said in reference to recording in 2012. “We — I say ‘we’ because I’m in Throne mode — we’re in a great place creatively. You might see a Jay, then Kanye and a Throne album next year. You know, we’re really in a great place creatively. We really found our zone.”

Watch the Throne was a momentous success, having sold 1,300,000 copies since its release in August 2011. The album spawned 7 singles, the most notable being “N****** in Paris.” Others include “Why I Love You” and the fast-paced “Gotta Have It.”

Possibly the most fascinating thing about Watch the Throne is the fact that the album failed to leak in advance of its release. With such a massive release, its astounding that it remained udner wraps right until when Kanye West and Jay-Z want you to hear it.

Kanye West’s last record was in 2010 with the critically accliamed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Considered a sweeping success, it spawned huige singles on its own. Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 released in 2009 and reintroduced Hov, his nickname, back into the spotlight after previous claims of retirement.

The duo feel strong in 2012, and Jay-Z was recently named one of the 5 richest rappers. So far we speculate a Christmas 2012 release for Watch the Throne 2.


Image Source, Jay-Z Kanye West Live Promotional