With technology changing everyday, so is the world of virtual reality. By definition, Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.

Now, what happens when you take VR and mix it with one of the Internet’s most viewed, yet not really talked about type of websites, adult entertainment?!

The VR company Reality Lovers, which was one of the first to bring VR into the adult industry, has just created and launched the first ever VR Adult Entertainment Series called, Sex N Fun Downtown (sexandfundowntown.com), based loosely on the Sex And The City series, which was filmed here in New York City. The series, sort of like a television show but online, follows the sexual desires and lives of four best friends. And because it is in VR, now you can actually experience what goes on in their bedrooms – and other places suitable for hot action via a easy to get VR headset.

The Levity Ball sat down quickly (insert some silly joke here) with some of the adult stars of the new, industry-changing series to find out more…

1. Hi Cherry Kiss. You star as Cherry in the new series. What went on in your mind when first reading the script and seeing how it would work in the VR environment? 

I know how complicated relationships can be and how much of what goes on in the bedroom matters.” This was on my mind as I read the script and I very much looked forward to turning up the heat on the set. In front of the camera, shooting in VR is no different than any other production. But when it comes to the final result, there is nothing that compares. When you see yourself in 3D, it creates a new level of intimacy, which changes how you act on the set.

2. And hi Tina Kay, can you tell us about your character “Shagalotte” in the new series?

My character was on the conservative side, but we all know how spunky these girls can be between the sheets. I think I gave it my best, leaving it all on the set. And I think I might have also left one of my earrings too.”

3. And Elena Vega, when filming in VR do you have to worry more or less about how you look on camera, since all angles are seen?

That is correct! The unbelievable realism and depth means that I spend a bit more time in makeup [laughs]. I think that it is the same for the other girls… at least those who shoot in VR.

4. And Nicky Dream… any thoughts on VR overall and how its taking over the adult entertainment industry?

Let me put it this way, this could be the new way to enjoy porn. Not sure whether a revolution, but I know that I started to get into some of it filmed from female POV. It’s amazing!