If there is one reason to tune into the upcoming second season of VH1’s hit scripted series ‘Hit The Floor’, it should be to see the always-so-beautiful Valery Ortiz!

The stunning actress has been seen in the past hosting on American Latino, ABC’s Family Lounge, starring in the recent flick, Dumbbells, opposite Fabio Lanzoni, and gracing the pages of Maxim Online.

Valery took the time from her new hometown of Los Angeles (she’s originally from Florida) to chat with us about her career, craziest things fans have done for her, advice to others and what we can expect on season two of Hit The Floor…

What first attracted you to pursue a career in acting?

My brother Hector was my very first inspiration to pursue a career in acting. The very first attraction came in playing pretend and being able to be different people/characters. It was just honestly fun! I still have as much fun doing it as I did as a kid. So thankful to my brother for all of our home movie making projects.

You were on the hit Nickelodeon series South of Nowhere when you were younger. How did this experience help you develop into the actress you are today?

Wow! It’s crazy to think about your words “when you were younger” because it feels like just yesterday but you’re right! I filmed Season 1 of ‘South of Nowhere’ in 2005! That experience was everything. It was my first role as a series regular on a television show so I learned oh so much on that set. It helped me develop into the actress I am today because I feel more grounded now. I worked in such a safe environment on that show and our producers and directors really took care of us.

You are heading into season two of your VH1 scripted series Hit The Floor… What can fans expect?

Everything and anything! You’ll definitely get all the twists and turns that hooked you in Season one. Trust and believe you will not be disappointed.

How do you relate to your character on the show in real life?

I relate to Raquel’s “fight”. She is motivated by her family and her future goals and I’m the same way. I’d do anything for my family and I don’t give up.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you or towards you since you have become famous?

Craziest? Oh! The first thing that I thought of wasn’t directly because of me but a fan got the logo from a web-series I was in tattooed on herself. That’s pretty crazy! Talk about a hard core fan, right? She’s actually a really sweet person.

What advice would you give others who want to move to Hollywood and be a star / purse acting?

I’d tell someone who wanted to move to Hollywood to pursue acting to go for it! Get in acting classes, do your research and stay interesting! Have other things that make you happy other than acting! This career is already difficult and can suck the happiness/confidence out of you if you let it, so make sure you know how to make yourself happy with or without the success. That’s so important.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

I think I’d get into some kind of personal training or health & fitness career. I watch how the trainers on ‘The Biggest Loser’ change the lives of the contestants and I am completely inspired.

What would your “dream role” be?

Some type of true story based role. I’d absolutely love that kind of challenge. And if that person was a singer, even better! I think I was a rock star in another life so if I got to be on stage and sing and dance without being torn apart I’d be all in! Soooo, I think I’m basically saying I want to play Jennifer Lopez in a movie again. Ha! Ha!

How do your friends back home in Florida feel about you being a star now when you go back to visit?

When I go home I’m just Valery. They make me feel proud of my accomplishments but nothing else is really different. I’ve known my friends Karina, Lawreen, Frank and Nicole in particular since 6th grade and we’ve stayed close! I’m the only one out of them specifically that doesn’t have a child so I get to love on their kids when we see each other. I love it so much. I cherish those friendships. We’ve already been in each other lives longer than we haven’t. That’s special.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Wow… What a hard question! The first thing I thought of was eliminating disease. All of them.


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