Like swimming through a flooded dance club, Urulu’s blistering dance sensibilities marry resting and head-bobbing dancing without all the shame.

With three tracks, Urulu’s new melodically-infused ambient dance e.p., Across the Sky, is definitively shy of being the full-fledged record fans all want. But for someone as centered and focused as Urulu, these 3 tracks have splendid cohesion and marvel. His house style electronics seen to be catching some hype, and the consistent style will keep those already interested further intrigued.

The title track, Across the Sky, really is the highlight here. The percussion work is phenomenally engaging, and only rests briefly to let the main melody digest with its edginess and sonic flair.

We Belong (Together) isn’t exactly the strongest track, relying to heavily on dance clichés to stand-out above the title track, but it is none the less charming in its construct, focusing on a key singular groove to drive the song into irresistible territory.

Urulu elegantly balances out minimalism with an originality that encompasses far more than your typical house fair. The e.p is short, tight, and centralized, but the 15 minutes will help ride your enthusiasm into his next release.

All of the songs on Across the Sky use Urulu’s popularized looping vocal pieces that offer a derivative yet wholly satisfying take on one of the genre’s key staples. The percussion work is top notch, and though Urulu never strays far from the 4/4 dance mechanics institutionalized in just about every mainstream dance/pop track, he uses the genre’s conventions with such splendor and awe you can’t help but be entranced.


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Image Source, Urulu e.p. Cover Art 2011