In a world of bland and boring film remakes, blatant and cheesy EC-Comics rip offs, and spineless mass-produced pulp novels, it may seem like the horror genre is as stiff as an undead zombie prom queen. And maybe it is. But that is why horror in the modern age needs something—something shocking. Something like Alice Cooper!

Uncle Alice Presents is a Shock-Rock Horror Anthology currently raising funds and— you guessed it—shocking comic series sure to delight, thrill and scare both the old and new generation of horror comic fans. Tired of boring, generic zombie tales? Tired of reading horror stories and knowing every twist and turn before getting to page 3? Uncle Alice Presents, featuring Uncle Alice (Alice Cooper) as a demented, blood-soaked gatekeeper of the netherworld, will present nightmarish tales that not only skirt the boundaries of taste–they push right past them to scare and shock readers with something that they will never forget. Especially once the lights are out and they are underneath the so-called safety of their covers.

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The tales ready for Uncle Alice Presents have been described as a genre-bending blend of shock-rock, grindhouse, and hyper-realistic horror. Think a unique and oh-so-terrifying blend of Tales from the Crypt, Cabin in the Woods, Last House on the Left, and an explosive and unforgettable Alice Cooper concert. The first terrifying tale is the twisted ‘There’s a Killer on the Road,’ a sordid story about a young couple on the way to Burning Man who repeatedly encounter an unsettling vagabond who promises to take them to “paradise.”

Uncle Alice Presents is currently raising funds for a 12-issue comic series and a hardcover anthology release, with the potential for more stories and even a television series, on the fundraising website Kickstarter.


Rewards for backers range from an Uncle Alice Presents pin for backers who pledge $3 to a personalized hardcover graphic novel signed by Alice Cooper and show-creator Tom Sheppard–to a round of golf with Alice Cooper himself for backers who pledge $10,000 or more.

The initial goal for the project is to reach $200,000 by April 19th. If the project reaches $300,000, a teaser trailer for an Uncle Alice Presents television series will be released—and if the project reaches $500,000, a full episode will be released, terrifying the airwaves of an entirely new generation of viewers.