I rarely ever get truly excited for a band with only a few songs to their belt. A debut release of an EP of three songs is interesting, but it is hard to really get a full idea of what is going on there. There is too much music in the world to get bent out of shape in a good or bad way over 2 songs. Before long, five years go by and those two songs still remain a rather odd little tease of what could have happened. The worst ones are forgotten (and hopefully deleted from BandCamp with an expiration date). The best ones are tantalizing and mysterious.

The latter explains the electro rock duo of ‘Two Chapels.’ It is sort of like love at first sight. It rarely ever happens, but we also think it does. I am still in the phase where I am completely head over heels in love with Two Chapels, but terribly confused over whether this is lust or love. This is my attempt to explore the future:


Lust is an adoration or obsession without any real substance outside of that. With that said, I love the style. Recalling Violator-era Depeche Mode, the orgasm-inducing hook of ‘Feel You’ seems tugged right from the outrageous mind of Dave Gahan. The songstress Jenn Grossman sings with such conviction, you feel the beauty in every note hit. The echoing effects chill and haunt, and only help to build the lustful and sexual nature of the song. It’s a dance track at heart, but one with pure class. You want to make love with it, but you aren’t sure you want to taint the pureness of the song. Is this exaggerated hyperbole? Probably, but isn’t that what lust is?


The question is startling- can you fall in love with a band? Can you fall in love with their collective discography of two songs? This could be just lust, and ‘What Are You Still Fighting For? makes the question all the more difficult. The track rides with such perplexing hook. It propels with a soft tender bubbling lead, and is accented with melancholy synth hooks. Prop this up to the production of the other chapel, Marc Wilhite. The nuances are polished and absolutely and ethereally flare from the speakers. The track recalls Massive Attack with greater fury that ‘Feel You.’ It seems like the group listened to Dummy just the right amount of times, not too many to be a downright copy but just enough to help establish their own concoction of atmospheric nuances. I could be in love. The track is so brilliantly composed; there should be no other option.

In the end, the question of love or lust can be solved by only one thing- time. As time continues, we will either witness a slew of exceptionally composed electronic beauty, or see a lot of nothing. In the end, it is all solved by the ultimate solver of all problems. But, it is very well possible to fall in love this quickly? From the sounds that rush from the speakers, it is only that small helping of cynicism that keeps me from telling everyone in the world, getting a tattoo, and announcing my love to ‘Two Chapels’ with all the sincerity I can muster. Hurry up time- I must know what I am fighting for.

Official: http://www.twochapels.com
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