Coachella 2012 was quite a hit this year, bringing out full stop performances by Grammy Winning folk-rock group Bon Iver, a reunited At the Drive In, and pseudo-indie juggernauts Radiohead. 

Yet the big talk of of Coachella’s Weekend 1 was the holographic Tupac, brought to life through an estimated $400,000 for a crowd of almost 100,000.

Snoop Dogg joined Pac on stage, and performed two bars of Amerikaz Most Wanted. A 50+ year old Snoop Dogg and a holographic Pac on stage was surely a sight to treasure. Apparently, it was the vision of Dr. Dre to bring Pac to the stages of Coachella in 2012. The technology was helmed by AV Concepts. According to Av Concepts president Nick Smith, It was his [Dre’s] idea from the very beginning and we worked with him and his camp to utilize the technology to make it come to life.”

The Tupac hologram took four months of preparation, and the likeness was facilitated by Dr. Dre himself, close friend of the legendary rapper during his life- down to Pac’s tattoos and traditional classic outfit of white slacks. Even the majority of the verse itself was actually Pac, though it is still unconfirmed how much was actually his voice during his life or technology tinkering.

Av Concepts was behind bringing Madonna and the Gorillaz on stage together in 2005, and more recently bring holographic entities to the performances of the Black Eyed Peas during their latest touring cycle.

The hologram occurred during a set of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre classics, mixed in with some guest appearances by Whiz Khalifa, Eminem, and entourage member 50 Cent doing a little of their own material and guest verses.

Now with Tupac brought to life, and the concept gaining steam, a full-fledged Pac tour is surely underway. SURELY.


Image Source: Av Concepts Tupac Hologram, Coachella 2012, Ghetty Images