What do you do when a family member or friend has gone missing and you start fearing for their life? What do you do when the police just can’t simply solve an investigation? What do you do when someone has been murdered, yet no body has ever been found? Well, you call up Troy Griffin!

Troy has been labelled as one of the world’s top intuitive consultants and psychic detectives who specializes in psychic investigations of unsolved murders and missing person(s) cold cases. He is hired by police forces, private investigators and people to use his psychic abilities to help validate, provide new clues and/or answers to help solve the case.

Crazy right?! Well, The Levity Ball sat down with Troy for an in-depth interview to learn more about his unique career, abilities, skeptics and his biggest case he has worked on so far: The Long Island Serial Killer out of Long Island, New York.

1. How did you first realize your talents as a psychic and decide to do this as a career?

I realized my gifts around the age of 12 at my six-grade camping trip on Orcas Island, WA. I remember sitting on my bunk and having moments when I would know what someone was going to say before they said it. I would have thoughts/pictures in my mind about what was going to happen before they happened. Both of which are really kind of “normal” in the scheme of things and some of us are open to them and some just think of it as one time “coincidence.” At this time, I felt that everyone had the same thoughts or knew the same things, thinking it was “deja vu”. Over the next three decades of my life, I would have people, some I knew and some I didn’t, ask me questions about something in their life, jobs they had applied for, current girl friends as wives, lost wallets, etc. I would answer the questions and when I was correct, I would call it a gut feeling and honestly never thought about it being intuition or “listening”. At the age of nineteen I meet my mother-from-another-mother Patti in Los Angeles when I was an entertainment radio talk show host. When I saw Patti, as time permitted, she would give me psychic books for me to take with me and read. Books like “How to develop your psychic gifts” along with others over the years. When I received the books, I accepted them with a thank you for sharing these with me and usually placed them in the recycle (trash) when I would return the rental car. Oops, I just let that cat out of the bag, Sorry Patti. I had friends that were intuitive, some working psychic phone lines and others doing tarot readings who wanted me to use my gifts. I always blew off the suggestion as I did not feel I was good enough, nor did want to learn how to read cards or use divination tools which were just not my thing (and still not to this day) as I felt this was too ritualistic and  creepy to me. At age of 26, I married wife of 26 years (2017) a pastor’s daughter and pretty much kept my gifts to myself with only a few knowing I had this gift. Early on in my marriage, my wife realized and accepted them, but really did not understand them. She would also ask me questions or hear others ask me questions resulting in most of these questions coming  to fruition. She would see my emotional changes that I could go through in a matter of seconds if I felt strong energy or negative things, watch me cry at television show (and this is embarrassing, TV commercials) but  not saying much when this happened. I remember one night in our first home,  I was in a deep sleep and speaking with someone which woke her up. She didn’t wake me up because my side seemed to be with someone familiar to her.  She listened for a bit  and then woke me asking me who I was talking to. I told her I was talking to her dad and gave details on his mannerism, the clothes he was wearing and what we talked about. and she  immediately knew I had been speaking with her dad. What was unusual was he had passed a few years before we were married and I never had the opportunity to even meet him. Another experience that happened in this house was when I was visited by a family from the Victorian years in the hallway above the stairs. It must have been around three in the morning when I was awoken and stepped outside the bedroom door where there was a family of four with a bright light behind them … Dad mom, daughter and son in the hallway. These spirits did not scare me and I knew that they were at my home because they need something from me, they needed acknowledgement that I could see them and I believe they needed me to tell them that was alright to move on and  moved into the light… I have never seen them again. Strange things over the years keep happening, things being removed off walls with the nail or hook still in the wall and other happens in our house and my wife took most of these experiences in stride  until things she really liked went missing. Then, oh boy did I hear about it. Many years went by as we continued our daily lives until 2009, when my life changed while I was at a friend’s gift shop getting a card for my wife. This particular shop carried a line of birthday and holiday cards my wife liked so I stopped in and as I was talking to the shop owner, Cyndi (who also is intuitive and read cards), a friend of hers came into the shop and Cyndi introduced me to her. After the introductions, Cyndi and her friend started chatting when her friend looked at me and said “are you psychic?”  I was stunned for a minute as no one had ever asked me that before, I paused a minute and without knowing why, I said “yes, I do have psychic gifts”. She then proceeded to tell me that she was working a case with a family of a missing women and the Bronx Police Department.  She gave me the name of the missing women and said that she feels her boyfriend was involved. Once she said this to me I started to see in my mind, pictures, places and things and started to tell her what was coming through, without my thinking about it. I felt as though it was the  boyfriend, they had an abusive relationship, she was murdered and  was in a crawl space at one time and the weapon used was a heavy like lead pipe. I know that the murderer/the boyfriend did not work for a pipe company but was probably in construction. Later on, I found out that I was pretty accurate, so accurate that the woman  who told me about the case didn’t want to speak with me again. Cyndi the shop owner said she was upset that I blew her case out of the water before she could. After that I worked on another case back east and was correct about that one as well.  I spent about thirty-days soul searching about these events and if this was my calling.  What would family, friends, society and religion think about me and this. I decided that what others thought did not matter as I believe this is my calling and my gifts are God given so I followed my calling.

2. What did your friends and family think when you first told them what you could do and see?

My family and most friends did not know what I could do and see. I kept it to myself until my experience at the gift shop in my mid 40’s. Once I started my private practice they started to learn what I do through our conversations or seeing media on me. Overall my friends were supportive as they think it is cool. As far as family, there are mixed feelings. In a conversation with my brother-in-law who is a pastor back east, we talked about my work and readings about 95% of which we discuss God and religion. My brother-in-law felt that this may be my way of ministering. On the flip side, I have a sister-in-law who is totally against it because of her belief system. Although she had not spoken with me about her beliefs,  she made them  very clear at a lunch we had with one of my wife’s cousins who was in town. At the lunch, the cousin asked me what I did for a living and I told him that I was an Intuitive that offers private readings  and work with the police and  detectives on unsolved murders and missing persons’ cases. As soon as it was out of my mouth, my sister-in-law said “that’s evil!” I think half the restaurant heard her say it. We have never had a close relationship and will never have one. I consider it as one person’s uninformed opinion as they do not understand nor even asked questions about what I do.

3. Did you encounter a lot of skeptics when you first started out and turned your talents into a career?

In the beginning I did not encounter a lot of skeptics as I was on a low key place figuring things out. The skepticism really came forward when the media got wind of my work and that I am not afraid to say that I am Christian. Today, I get skeptics from around the world but I block it as  negative energy and quite honestly I do not care.

4. What do you say to people who “don’t believe” in what you can do?

I say to people who “don’t believe” in what I do that we all have intuition whether it comes from a maternal instinct, a gut feeling, a hunch or  something  they have thought about in the future that has come true. With religious skeptics, I tell them that the Old Testament  was law while  the New Testament gives us grace. Reading the New Testament says we should use our gifts whether it is a gift of being a doctor healing others; a gift of numbers being an accountant; a gift of being a counselor helping others, etc. My gifts were given to me to help others and if you don’t take the time to read the Bible and for those who just say it is wrong, they have not taken the time to learn about gifts like mine to form a better opinion. Many things written of in the Bible were foretold through visions and signs and relayed by  people who had them and were sometimes  known to have dreams and visions and they were not the priests. I had one experience at a small church my wife and I were attending and we both liked. This church was going to start small study groups. The group that caught my attention was on the prophets  in the bible. I thought this would be interesting to learn more.  I thought it best to reach out to the pastor who only knew by name and as I wanted to let him know what I do in case anyone in the church or this small study group Googled my name, they would learn what I do for a living and I did not want to cause any issues within the church. And if someone did find out what I did and  mentioned it to the Pastor he wouldn’t be blindsided.  So we went to coffee and had a good conversation where I felt he was receptive and understood a little bit about what I did.  I was having a public “group reading” in town and sent him an invitation. In my invitation, I wrote that I would like him to attend to really see how I work and what I do. To learn that I am not worshiping the devil, etc. The Pastor’s response was one that made me feel the rapture had begun. It seems the Pastor had written a book on what I was doing as wrong, how he would never associate with such an event and how he was going to help bring me to God. After my WTH, I wrote back to him of my disappointment and that I have already found God. I wrote that I thought  he was ignorant and as a “man of God”, preaching to others the word of God, a person that took an oath to minister “all” of God’s children, including me, that he was not a true believer of God in every way as he was not open to understand other children of God. He was ignorant for staying away, saying what he felt was safe. I heard that one of his sermons was on gay people and how the church would not allow them to worship there. I believe that what you put out into the universe, the karma, will come back and bad karma doesn’t always feel very good when it returns.

5. You have used your talents to help police and investigating agencies solve some big cases, including murder and missing persons cases… How does it feel after you have helped to solve one of these? What is your general process in helping to solve a case?

When I learned that I helped a case, I feel some satisfaction because I still know that there is a loss for the family and friends that will never leave them and  they will always live in their hearts. Yes, they may find answers and may see someone get convicted in some  cases, it still leaves an empty hole inside of them with the love one(s) who was murdered or one who never is found. I feel this and it hurts me as well as I put my heart and soul into doing the best and “listen” to all that want to speak.  Each case becomes a part of me and when I am done, although I have taught myself that when I close the case file for good, I have done the best I can do, it still has a place in my heart and soul. Sometimes for me, it is hard to move forward. On missing person cases when the missing person(s) are found and I have had been part of it, it makes me feel like I did something good. Most of the cases I work on with missing person(s) do not come out with a live victim. Again taking a piece of my heart and soul. As far as my process with a case, I have to first see a picture of the missing person(s) or murder victim. I have to see if I can connect through the eyes, a way for me to do remote viewing. If I can’t connect with the person, then I am not able to help and must decline to work on the case not wanting to give false hope by guessing. The cases I do take, once I have connected with the eyes, I start to see pictures, places, and things that I feel are connected to the case. I then look at the last know location usually through Google maps and Google earth allowing my intuition to lead me. As I work on a case it may take me an hour or days and even months.  My thoughts and vision may come quickly or they may come over time. I have so many things running through my mind that I have to work the puzzle figuring out what piece goes to what case or person. Once the information starts to flow I usually work on a white board where I write  the information I have collected from my  intuitive journey along with my notes. Some cases I do on-site visits in which I again allow my intuition to guide me and usually end up in trenches, sewer pipes, mud, water, etc. I am not what I consider a typical psychic investigator or typical psychic for that matter and when I get involved, I am involved 110% and I am not afraid of jumping in and getting dirty, turning over stones, etc. Maybe this is why I feel so invested and they weight on my heart. I ask questions, speak with people and do what I can without jeopardizing the official investigation in anyway. Once I feel and double feel that I have done all that I can do, I have turned over every stone I can and truly know that I have done my best, then I will prepare a report and send it to the proper party for review. One of the hardest part of my job is that the system usually takes a very long time making the  perpetrator feel he had gotten away with his  act.  The years it can take forces me to not  get involved and I can’t focus enough to find what I need so I do not follow up on cases due to the time involved. I usually have another handful of new cases I am working on and needs my focus.

6. What would you say has been your biggest case so far to work on?

The biggest case I have worked on so far is probably one of my serial killer cases, the Long Island Serial Killer out of Long Island, NY. This case has seventeen (17) murder victims so far that are connected to the sex industry through Craigslist found deceased on a ten-mile (10) stretch of beach on Long Island. This case is still open and I am not sure if they want to solve it at this time. This case has had world wide  publicity, lots of money pouring in out of curiosity and/or a missing girl of their own.  A book written called “Lost Girls” that is now being made into a movie, a series of shows on People magazine television show, etc., etc., etc. Disheartening.

7. What is something people should be aware of when trying to hire someone like yourself elsewhere? How do you spot a fraud?

First, realize that not many intuitive, psychics, card readers,etc  can do investigations although many will list that they do and try to convince you they do.  I personally would not work with a psychic that uses cards on these types of cases. Don’t just take their word that they do they cases because they list it on their FB or website. Look into cases they have worked on to see if there is any real validation that they have through the media and/or reviews. Remember, talk is cheap. Check them out just like you would check out a doctor or electrician. When you do find someone that you think can assist you, see if they can connect with the victim without much input from you. When I say “connect” which I don’t say generally, I mean not superficially connected.  (i.e. oh she was so kind hearted, loved life, had lots of friends, blah, blah, blah). Have them tell you something  that they couldn’t have read somewhere. Something personal about the person you are seeking. An example I can use about making sure they can connect is a case I worked on  in my home State of Colorado. I had a missing person/murder case where I met with the victim’s mother and we discussed the case to where I was able to connect with her daughter. We had the same conclusion on what we feel happened to her. How the mother knew I was connected was through many things that come to me that no one else knew. One of the things I can remember clearly is that I asked her to tell me about a psychedelic teddy bear. The connection there was that her daughter kept in her car, in the front a small psychedelic teddy bear. This had never been disclosed and nor was any evidence in pictures shown of this teddy bear. Always remember to go with your intuition, “listen”  don’t be consumed by general information, think about it overnight and if possible speak to several psychics. Don’t be afraid to say “no” if you do not believe in them. The consultation with a professional intuitive on a case should be free and if they want to charge you to look at the case, move on!!!

8. Have you ever been scared by some of the things you have uncovered when doing your readings with people?

Yes. In my private practice readings, it always scares me when people are suicidal or start to speak about evil things they have participated in or have done themselves or to themselves. I remember years ago I had a client, male client that felt as though he really was possessed and the rituals and ceremonies he said he did scared the heck out of me. Other times I usual get scared with clients in readings is when they walk in and I feel and know there is something evil with or about them. I get scared on some of my investigation work when I walk into a situation and just get straight up scared from the bad energy. The Long Island Murder case was one of these cases that scared me. It was a real scare being on the same beach that seventeen victims were found. I felt like  someone was watching me. Sometimes when I walk into a house or place I immediately get scared from the energy that is left there. When this happens, I have to keep telling myself that there is nothing there that can hurt me and I do not allow evil in. Sometimes it is a challenge.

9. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Be honest with yourself. Believe in you, and trust yourself.

10. What is one thing in the world you would change if you could?

Hate. We live in a world that is full of hate against the color of our skin, our different belief systems, hate from politics, hate is everywhere and affects us all. I would change hate to peace. I feel it is impossible to love one another as the Bible tells us to do, but if we could find peace within each one of us, then I believe loving one another could follow.

11. When you are not speaking with ones who have passed over, what else do you enjoy doing?

On the  business side, I enjoy motivational speaking. I love to try and inspire others to be the best they can be.   Privately, I enjoy life and living, spending time with my wife, son, my mother-from-another-mother who has learned the hard way she has lots of buddies but a true friend is someone you would give a spare key to your house or car to and our two dogs; having a nice meal or gathering  with friends, strolling on a beach, reading,  traveling to explore new places that inspire me. I am eager to learn new things about all people and their cultures, architecture, technologies, world events, etc.

12. And finally, how can people connect with you to learn more and hire you?

Through my website at: www.psychicmediumtroy.com or to submit cold cases: coldcases@tlgriffinllc.com