Known internationally for the past thirty years as a renowned clairvoyant and psychic who has helped thousands of people with his gifts, Tony Uberoi is a name you should know!

As the founding Father of “The Emotional Makeover” (, Tony has the abilities to not only see what is coming, but to help individuals evolve, seek clarity and realize their true potential(s) through his unique sessions.

The Levity Ball spoke to Tony out of his home in Toronto, Canada to find out more about the amazing things he is doing for people, and how he can help you personally change your life…

You started taking up intuitive work at the age of 13… how did you come to gain an interest in this line of work?

My first memories of being blessed with a more heightened intuition than others is before the age of 10. The cosmic accident was laying my hands on a palmistry book. I enjoyed reading it, seemed to understand and remember the intricate details and went on to just becoming drawn into this wonderful and internally rewarding work. It may seem like a cliché, but it felt like a gentle force was nudging me to learn more and more. I continue to be as fascinated if not more, to unravel universal secrets. My love for people, to understand them and know their deep feelings are as important as the thirst to know the subjects of divination. Perhaps I will die a student, a seeker, a humble learner.

When did you first learn you had psychic abilities and did it freak you out at all?

Around the age of 7 or 8 I recall telling my mother future events that came to fruition later. I held the impression that everyone is intuitive. Not freaky, but definitely the surprising revelation was that not all are intuitive. I sensed early in my life that I was different.

What did your family and friends think when you first told them of your abilities?

It was a well-guarded secret. I was afraid that my respected late father would not take it well. Only to realize later in life that he had helped and encouraged me the most. My mother was more sympathetic. I did not share it with my siblings who are much younger.
I did not share it with my friends until much later. The common reaction is disbelief, ridicule and then slowly leading to acceptance.

When you were first starting off, what initial challenges did you face before everything finally came together as a career?

Self doubt, fear of social ridicule and not having a mentor made the beginning more difficult than it should have been.

You are also the founder of the “Emotional Makeover”… please explain to our readers briefly what this exactly is?

I am very sensitive and pick up on peoples’ deep inner feelings. People say I am caring, compassionate empathetic and easily approachable. I know that I have always wanted to make and see people happy. Any given situation, I try to spice it up with humor. Feeling peoples’ pain and inner suffering, and having a deep desire to help them, helped me to create the Emotional Makeover.

Simply stated the Emotional Makeover is a session where I help people:

a. Recognize the reason for their pain and resultant emotional blocks.
b. Release and vent their innermost feelings and pain.
c. Reconnect with their true inner self.
d. Realize their inner power
e. Reinvent their life to be happier and more evolved.

How do you help people to transform emotional blocks into pure energy… how long does something like this take?

A standard session is about 3 hours long. It is one on one. It is a mix of conversation, meditation and inner realization.

What type of people generally come to you for your guidance?

These are predominantly people who have been suppressing a secret which is the cause of emotional pain, post bereavement, individuals in emotionally difficult situations, relationship problems like loneliness, break up, social and family issues and above all abuse, physical, emotional and sexual.

What is your advice to people that want to possibly get into your line of work and harness their own abilities?

It would help to know that one should possess the necessary gifts, self training and patience. Delicate human skills and knowing the challenges one faces to do this specialized work are but a few. The most difficult part is not allowing the work to affect the professional i.e. Keeping one’s own balance.

Where do you see your career and abilities moving towards in the next four to six years?

I would like to expand this work deeper into peoples’ feelings globally. I would like to create an institute to study human feelings and emotions.

How can people get in contact with you to learn more or book you for a session?

I do sessions in person, over the phone or on skype. Email:

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for?

The person who worked to wipe the tear and replace it with a smile.