Radiohead is the ultimate hipster band. They cover all the greatest broad strokes of what it means to be the best and ‘most indie’ indie band in the world. Eerie inaccessibility? Of course. The band’s latest album ‘The King of Limbs’ speaks for itself. They have pop hooks- just enough in songs like ‘Karma Police’ and ‘High and Dry’ to make them likable on the radio. Now Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s front man, is being backed by other excellent musicians, including Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and famed producer Nigel Godrich among others, to make ‘Atoms of Peace.’

The group is set to launch their debut album in 2013. For now, we have the just released single “Default” which soars with haunting pianos and percussion, and Yorke signature vocal style adding that absolutely bizarre flair to the track. It is yet to be confirmed if ‘Default’ will be on the final album. The band has performed famously at Coachella, but has been largely inactive live for a variety of reasons- most of them being self explanatory. Each member is busy in their own respective groups. Flea is promoting the latest Chili Peppers album and of course Thom Yorke himself is all over the latest Radiohead album and respective world tour.

Something tells me that ‘Atoms’ for Peace’ will be severely limited to the next two years and no further. Try to see them when you can on the expectedly confined tour in 2013.