While the pandemic is ongoing / pausing some companies, the beauty industry never stops! And as times change and people are now in-front of a camera more than ever with zoom calls and social media, the beauty industry is increasing day by day. One of America’s most successful beauty experts Joi Mebane was recently here in New York for a conference, where she taught hundreds of locals how to scale and innovate their microblading, eyebrow and beauty companies.

The Levity Ball sat down with Joi to find out more and how she’s helping those in her industry through these times!

When did you know that you wanted to go into the beauty business?

Back in college, I did EVERYONE’s brows in my dorm room. I started my professional career off working at a beauty counter doing makeup. I transitioned into a salon where I specialized in only doing brows and lashes. Before finishing college I got an opportunity to open my own cosmetics counter and I just went for it. 

From successfully launching your own products to now helping others, why is helping others succeed so important to you?

It’s so important to me to help others because over the last 18 years in business, I have had to learn a lot on my own through trial and error. My goal is to be the person I wish I had when I started my business. In the beauty industry a lot of times people don’t share their secrets. It’s important to me to be transparent so newcomers in this industry can learn from my mistakes and my achievements.

You have been traveling around on your Microblading to Microshading Tour, which recently stopped here in NYC. How was the New York tour stop?

The New York stop of my tours is always amazing! The students showed up ready to learn and put in the work. The support in NYC is unmatched.

Did you get to visit any other fun places while here in town?

Usually, whenever I come to NYC I’m in and out. This time I was actually able to explore with some of my family that lives in the city. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, which has always been on my bucket list, had the best Thai food and saw some amazing city views from my hotel rooftop. I was also featured on Good Day NY while in town and that was an incredible experience.

COVID-19 has hit us New Yorkers hard since the start. What advice would you give to those struggling during these times to run their own businesses?

To any pivot during the pandemic. From big businesses to beauty shops, every industry had to change their business model and adjust during these trying times. It’s so important to remember that in business anything can happen – from a pandemic to a recession. You have to be open to change and find ways to sustain your business through anything.

What’s next for you heading into the rest of 2021?

I am currently launching my mentorship program. It’s a 12 week program to help future Glam Executives start, market and scale their beauty business. For me, it’s so important to share my knowledge with hard workers that want to learn and dominate in beauty. I’m also still traveling the country on my Microblading to Microshading Tour. 

And final question: What do you want to be remembered for overall when people look back at you and your impact on this world?

When people look back at myself and my brand I want them to remember that I wasn’t afraid to work hard and share my gifts to help others succeed. It’s one thing to have a successful business, but to have others be inspired, motivated and educated my journey is priceless.