It’s only every once in a while something unique and grand comes along. A transcendent idea that outshines all others and truly is a sight to be seen. The Symbol of Success Project has created that for all of us with their inventive and creative time capsule project that is epic on levels not yet experienced before. The project is so big, so grandiose and so incredibly historical it remains to be rivaled by anything else. The team behind Symbol of Success, also referred to as S.O.S., have begun a project inspired by some of the greatest figures of our history and found a way to include all of us in it!

In short, the massive idea is to create a time capsule so legendary it will quite literally make history. Time capsules and historical preservations have been staples of anthropological knowledge for centuries. From hieroglyphics, to time capsules on the moon, these have served as insights of very specific times and places in our history. Built within one of the greatest American advancements revolutionized by Henry Ford, the capsule itself will be a none other than a car. But not just any car mind you, a car so ostentatious it comes in at the tune of $70 million dollars. A Rolls Royce Phantom to be exact, the epitome of prestige and success will serve as a capsule encompassing all the history that has been made till this very day. Aside from being a one of a kind custom piece of automobile mastery, it is also equipped with a V12, 453 horsepower, 6.75-­‐litre turbocharged engine. It’s not only a sight to be seen, but a powerful piece of machinery.

Now what to do with a car so opulent? The plan is to use it as an attraction of sorts and have people experience it as a historical journey that will capture a period of time for future generations to see. Organizations, companies and even individuals are encouraged to sponsor a spot on and in the car and leave their mark in history. The artwork of the exterior of the car will be hand painted and mastered by famed graphic artist Justin Barnes. Many will recognize Mr. Barnes as a featured artist on the massively successful series American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. Upon the completion of the car, the S.O.S Phantom will be displayed for millions to experience in Las Vegas followed by an international tour over the course of several years which will then conclude with a celebrity and media filled burial ceremony of the car. It will then cease to see the light of day until  100 years later, when it will be recovered for an entirely new society to experience.

To say this endeavor is epic is an understatement. What a profound way to be a part of something so incredibly massive and legendary and ultimately have your mark left for generations to come. To find out more information on how you can be a part of this historic venture visit We all want to leave our mark on this world one day, now is your chance.

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