Do you ever have those nights where you hop into bed thinking you’re exhausted, but as the minutes pass you realize you’re not nearly as tired as you thought you were? Now an hour and a half has gone by, you’re tossing and turning, and you’re actually pretty damn frustrated that you can’t catch some zzz’s. What is the solution to this problem? Do you need your mom to sing to you? Normally I’d call my mom upstairs to rock me to sleep with her sweet voice, but I have now found an alternative to my mother. I will now be listening to Nellie Lovett.

Nellie Lovett is a blues-like, soft indie band from Göteborg, Sweden. They’ve got a really laid back style, and bring a soothing sound to your bedside. Certainly a sound that you could fall asleep to if you wanted. The band consists of the lead singer Sofia Hindhammar, guitarists Oscar Hallberg and Fredrik Jorstadius, bassist Niklas Häggström, and drummer Kevin Häggström. And I must say that all five of these musicians are of very high talent. They started their band back in 2012, and since the release of the first (and latest) self-titled album, Nellie Lovett has been off to great start winning over their listeners hearts.


The first song off their album is titled ‘Wings’. It starts off very mellow and really eases you into their album. And while they ease you into the album, they ease me comfortably into my bed. The singer, Sofia, has a voice that has similar attributes to Adele. She sings about how you’re not alone in life and that you’re more than flesh and bones. The song kind of reminded me of something that Mumford and Sons would write. A lyric that I liked particularly is the one that I kind of mentioned before- “you are not alone, you are more than blood and bone.” And to me, it’s kind of a generic line, however, the way that she pitched her voice and the way she got her voice deep was fantastic. Top of the line singing from Sofia.

As for the other band mates, I thoroughly enjoyed them all. They made the band sound like The XX’s sister. Which is a very good thing. I’m totally digging the fact that Nellie Lovett sees simplicity as a key factor in producing music. The deep drum in the background makes every guitar riff sound epic, and the bassist keeps the beat steady.

At the end of the day, I think I’m going to start pulling up Nellie Lovett on my Spotify. They’re a really great band to wind down to at the end of a stressful work-day, and they’re definitely getting a station created on my playlist side bar.



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