There are always those groups scattered all about the horizon line of popularity. Yet, it is rarely a slow grind, especially in this day and age. A band can breakthrough into mainstream popularity with a debut album, or a career two decades deep. The following three groups are all on different planes of popularity, one barely out the door, another working their way into some real notoriety, and the other right there on the fringe. These groups are the most likely to see 2012 be the year they really make it.

1.         Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control is an extremely niche group consisting of Neil and Sumul Shah, two brothers. There wild blend of soft electronic ballads and all out punk-rock blasts makes for a concoction of pure splendor. A few bands similar to them have broken out in the last year, Young the Giant and Foster the People to name a few. Wildlife Control have all the cards in place to really be something special as they prep their debut self-titled album and find footing in a frustrating musical world.

2.         Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men released their debut album ‘My Head is an Animal’ in late 2011, and have since seen a steady increase in prosperity and recognition. Fueled largely by a set of respectable singles in ‘Mountain Sound’ and ‘Little Talks,’ the group have had highly publicized showings at major festivals and opening for huge bands. We have to wait a little longer, perhaps a follow-up album, to see the group’s longevity, but 2012 should see them break-out even further in the following months.

3.         Grizzly Bear

The interesting titled ‘Grizzly Bear just released their fourth full-length album, so they are well into solidifying themselves as an indie pop powerhouse. The album was warmly received, and will likely see the group breakthrough into new territories of popularity. As of now, they exist right on the fringe- by no means a household name or a radio staple, but certainly the go-to group for surface indie rock fans.