The Offspring are set to release their ninth studio album, Days Go By, for a June 26th release date. Days Go By has been long delayed, originally planned for a mid 2011 release. Dexter Holland, Noodles, and the crew released Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace in 2008, and the album was a mixed bag of old school The Offspring sound and their blend of overproduced top 40 rock ballads.

The most interesting component of Days Go By is the new track which leaked from the album, Cruisin California (Bumpin in My Truck). The song has a really strong pop slant and satirical lyrics, and fans are polarized by the song’s inclusion on the new album. Though some argue that it plays off theri late 90’s sound from Americana, including arguably one of their most popular songs, Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).

The song manages to pereputate a pop formula, but lacks a lot of the harsh punk style leanings of previous albums, and many are making the claim that The Offspring have REALLY sold out.

The Offspring have the record for best selling independent album ever with their 1994 smash hit, Smash, having sold 12 million copies.The group have gone on to sell about 36 million albums worldwide throughout their career.

Here the song Cruisin California(Bumpin in my Trunk) below and determine for yourself your thoughts on the new track. We can only now speculate if the full album will have that type of sound, or this is just a really weird and silly promotional track.


Image Source, The Offspring 2012 Promotional Feature Alquimia