In the running for this year’s Shorty Awards, the Louis Log web series has been rising in popularity since its original debut.  Following the trials and tribulations of a New York housewife who’s been dealt with high-maintenance husband, web audiences are taken on a thought-provoking yet hysterical journey with the series’ main character, Louise.  Featuring the comedic talents of Christine Cook and the brilliant, creative writing of director, Anne Flournoy, viewers are immediately captivated by Louise’ inner voices and her relatable addiction to caffeine. Completely original and unconventional, The Louise Log is proving the amazing potential that web series’ have in delivering clever, unique material that’s not always found on network television.

The show’s recent recognition with its Shorty Award nomination is sure to put The Louise Log on more web surfers’ radar; with topics not explored anywhere else, the show has achieved that perfect balance of unsettling material that’s matched with stellar wit and comedic timing.  Acclaimed Playwright Eve Ensler, from Vagina Monologues fame, has showered the Louise Log with praise for its seamless ability to be “brave, funny, real, deep, clever, poetic and original” and a work of web series mastery.

Not only does the Louise Log have raw nerve, superb acting and a provocative edge, it also celebrates the culture and atmosphere that is New York. Once and while, one of those shows comes along that gets to the heart of a city and its people, and The Louise Log represents the vibrant locale that makes New York a true one-of-a-kind city.

The Louise Log goes in brilliant directions not taken before in web series’, and the characters are undoubtedly memorable and leave that lasting imprint on the viewer. Even within a minute and a half episode, the richness of Christine Cooke’s inner dialogue and the series’ supporting cast prove the special recipe that Anne Flourney has cultivated throughout the shows five seasons online.

Representing a strong finalist choice for the 2013 Shorty Awards, the Louise Log pushes the envelope and challenges people’s perceptions of what a web series is all about. With strong, confronting material that’s as equal to any show on cable television, the Louise Log is undoubtedly worthy of its critical acclaim in the industry and has proven itself to be an awards finalist that isn’t afraid to be daring, challenging and just downright funny.


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