The Gaslight Anthem  released one of the most all-encompassing superior modern rock albums in 2008 with their magnum opus, The 59 Sound. It has been four years, and the Gaslight Anthem are prepping for their fourth album, Handwritten, due out July 2012.

Handwritten is expected to deliver a more mastered rock sound, differing from the more pop energy of their third album, American Slang. Handwritten will feature about 11 songs, and will lead with the sinlge ’45’ which was just released and can be heard below.

The Gaslight Anthem broke onto the scene with their debut album, Sink or Swim. Gaslight went on to shy away from any sophomore slump to release the critically acclaimed 59 Sound, noted as being a mix of Bruce Springsteen, modern punk, and and masterful rock ethos. Though they sidestepped in 2010, Handwritten is expected to be a return to form and further the sound of Gaslight Anthem who began their career playing basement shows to 15 kids and sleeping over friends houses. The Gaslight Anthem have slated a summer European tour spanning July to early September.

Handwritten tenative tracklist:



Here Comes My Man

Mullholland Drive



Too Much Blood



National Anthem


Image Source, 45 Single Cover, Gaslight Anthem 2012