The Fashion Designers Expo in Miami, Florida had a massive show with attendees ranging in the thousands for the 2012 event October 25th.

Miami is a fashion-oriented city, using the collective brilliance of club culture, the beach, and tourism to craft a focused and exquisite centerpiece of fashion into the future.

The event places emphasis on the actual talent- the models themselves. Featuring a keynote, runways, and some exclusive shows, the event is centered around the modeling industry as a character as opposed to a fashion machine. The whole idea is to show REAL fashion. How do I know?

It says so on their site:

Fashion Designers Expo is an exciting Internationally Cultured Fashion Production Company designed to show the world new fashion superstars, showcasing the best new talent from all over the world. FDE offers the excitement and exposure that rising fashion talents need to bring their dreams to reality. From extravagant runway shows to lavish parties, FDE is committed to showcasing REAL fashion by keeping its runway freshly filled with Models and Designers representing ALL cultures from around the world.  Now THAT’S real fashion! 

The event is set on showcasing the arts and the talent. The fashion industry should welcome such an event, as the focus is inherently on the Southside.

Be sure to check out all the events greatest set-pieces and times at their website, and to get a grasp of the designers, sponsors, and models involved.!