The Early November have just released their first single, Close to You, off their upcoming new album, In Currents. The Early November reunited in mid-2011 to a quickly growing and patiently awaiting fan base. Though there were no plans to record immediately, the group announced they were beginning to record in late 2011. Their new album has a release date of July 3rd.

This will be The Early November’s third full-length album, following their debut The Room is Too Cold and its 2006 follow-up, The Mother, the Mechanic, the Path. That album is considered a emo-pop masterpiece, and a massive creative step forward existing as a triple album and a concept story about a boy coming to terms with life and death.

In Currents is their first album since that 2006 release, and sees front man Ace Enders and the group tackling new issues of love and confusion. Ace Enders has had a modest solo career following the group’s break-up, having released two albums under his I Can Make a Mess moniker and 1 as Ace Enders and a Million Different People.

The debut single “Close to You” is posted below. be sure to check out the group’s website for an expected full tour announcement coming soon, and preorder the album for release mid-Summer.


Image Source, The Early November Promotional Close to You, 2012