brandy finds love

No more “The Boy is Mine” feuds with Monica, or anyone for that fact, Brandy has a man that she can call her own. Over the Holidays the songstress got engaged to top industry executive Ryan Press. And Wedding Bells are said to be in the near future. Could it be the way he “Put It Down.”  Who knows, but what we do know is that congratulations are in order for the lovely couple In recent times Brandy had admitted to giving up on love telling , “It was just not working for me in that category. So I said, ‘Well, I’m just gonna be single forever. It’s just gonna be me and my daughter.’ I reconnected with Ryan because I had met him before, we kinda fell in love.”

Hows that for not closing the heart. There truly is love out there for everyone, and you never know where you are going to find it. If you’re lucky its in Hawaii like Brandy experienced, and shared with the world via Twitter: “Hawaii sun all in my face:) having a great time with my love @ryanpress215(via Twitter)