The Beach Boys have been squatting back into the public consciousness these last few years, Where Brian Wilson and company finally released the most complete version of their legendary album ‘Smile,” that ended up more like a fractured Frankenstein than a complete whole. It showed glimpses of their 60’s songwriting genius, but failed to fully capture their energy and vitality during the time.

Yet The Beach Boys seem to be looking forward. The band are expecting to release their first studio material since 1992 this year with the album “That’s Why God Made the Radio.”

The title track from the album was just recently released, Brian Wilson, front man for the group, stating it could quite possibly be one of the best songs they’ve ever written. It’s cute and harmless and totally fun, perhaps continuing the basis for what the group have essentially created an entire career from. it’s also strong in harmonies and harkens distantly back to Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys.

The album is slated for a June 5th 2012 release date. The Beach boys have been together for 50 years, so expect some more tour dates to follow for their critically acclaimed 50th Anniversary Tour.

Listen to the new single below:


Image Source, The Beach Boys Public Grammy’s, 2012