From a really young age I have revered the incredible talent of Pink Floyd. In fact, David Gilmour, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, was my inspiration for learning how to play guitar. Therefore, when I heard that The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) was performing locally at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center, I became cautiously optimistic. Pink Floyd concerts are known for being very involved and complex with light shows, timed video footage, and of course expert musicianship that can be nearly impossible to replicate.  Having said all of that, the Australian Pink Floyd pulled the experience off in every way imaginable.


The concert opened with ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ where every note was played with such passion and precision that if you closed your eyes, you could believe that you were listening to the original band at their peak. However as I have spent countless hours studying every note that Gilmour played, it did not feel like I was listening to a recording. It was live, and it felt as though the song had its own life and breath. This Australian take on Pink Floyd managed to maintain the core essence that any fan would appreciate, yet the band had their own personalities and interactions on stage that didn’t distract from, but added to the overall experience. As the evening went on, the light show and the energy between the band and the audience only continued to grow. No matter where you sat you had a good seat, both visually and audibly.


Many bands today play so loudly that music seems to distort together. However, for this performance the sound system and the acoustics at the Sands were well balanced creating a harmony in the sound level where you can hear and feel the music, but weren’t so loud that it became piercing and hard to distinguish. There was a clean crispness to the sound that traveled the air with pristine lasers that moved with the music.

One of the highlights for me personally was at the end of the concert when they played the classic ‘Comfortably Numb’. The entire performance was so moving, and as the guitar solo by David Domminney Fowler came in, the entire theater was filled with the energy and passion of the musicians. To further the experience, a disco ball was suddenly lowered into the center of the stage, and the light shining off of it was captivating. I could have gone on listening to that solo for days, but alas the show went on to another incredibly performed classic, ‘Run Like Hell’.  By the end of the concert, it was clear to me why the Australian Pink Floyd Show had been engaged by David Gilmour himself to perform at his 50th birthday.  TAPFS is by no means merely a cover band, but rather a true celebration of the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd providing fans with an unforgettable experience.