Jazz, for as long as we can remember has entertained the masses.  Smooth melodies, and quiet sounds that have set the mood to many an ambiance. The list of who’s who in this genre is endless beginning with the early days of Jazz’s inception marked by the talents of Red Nicholas, Joe “King” Oliver and Louis Armstrong, on up to the swing era dominated by the likes of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway,  and Earl Hines.  Perpetuated by some of the greatest in instrumentalists who perfected the usage of the flute, accordions, organs, Banjos, French horns, and most of all the Saxophone, to name a few. With modern times, has come a modern flavor, and with it a newer crop of performers.   Among them is the band known as The Song Project, whom seek to redefine the art by expanding the genres improvisations, and adding a unique distinction while adapting the classic sound audiences have come to revere.

Who is TSP?  Trumpeter Mark Rapp and Guitarist Derek Lee Bronston whom as a collective combine the best of both worlds: Tech and Sound, instrumental that is. Influenced by the growth and progression from a social standpoint, as well as the maturation of the art forms core signatures, TSP has risen to the height of garnering the distinction: household name. Utilizing many of today’s greatest forms of social interaction, as well as a grassroots approach, the groups reach and audience has grown exponentially since the releasing of their applum, which actually marked their first original work together, Art of the song, Vol 1.  Very organic and grounded the work was put together as a collection of Garage Band provisions, before long creating an interactive nature which captivated its supporters. Innovative to say the least, The Song Project release of Art of the Song has serve to spearhead their evolutionary approach to music, and its distribution. Set to become a full fledge medium, the group is currently working on their next offering to the public, a cutting edge release to be available in iOS and HTML5.

Aside from recording, The Song Project has taken on the role of teachers, movers of the art, as they conduct a host of workshops and conferences the country over ranging from residencies and at guest appearances at many well-respected institutions.  As educators their success and know-how has allowed them to distribute useful information not only about music but technology, using the latter to succeed in their beloved industry. Customizing their dissertations, the group has amassed a great clientele as well as demand in general of their services.

Their prowess has been documented by renowned media outlets such as KRON4 San Francisco, as well as guest spots appearing on the Seattle’s New Day Northwest Morning Talk Show; their show catalog is second to none, playing to packed houses wherever they land. In more recent times they have wowed fans and jazz-zealots at top notch venues, celebrated festivals such as San Francisco’s Historic Fillmore Jazz Festival as well as Stella by Starlight, Joe’s Pub, and The Blue Note, all of which are premiere Jazz venues in the New York City.

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