Young, creative and on the rise, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly released their highly anticipated full-length debut back in February.  Since their album dropped, the Brooklyn-based band has been on the industry’s radar with their energized, indie sound.  Conceived in 2012, this unique, six-piece band includes New York University graduates, Morgan lynch on lead vocals, Matt Berger on lead guitar and vocals, Matt Giva on bass guitar, Hiroyuki Mastuura on drums, Melissa Lusk on organ and Pete Scalzitti on keyboard.

Their acclaimed debut, Modern Dances, was ushered in by the raucous, fun-loving single, Summer Skin that immediately forces anyone out of their seat and dance.  Richly layered with diverse instruments and Lynch’s undeniably distinctive vocals, Summer Skin has a splash of catchy pop appeal that’s met with jarring clashes of instruments that catches you off guard in the best way possible.  The more you listen to this single on repeat; it becomes increasingly clear that this isn’t just an upbeat, indie-rock hybrid that’s fun to bounce to.  Teen Girl Scientist Monthly bravely experiments with composition while unapologetically injecting that feel-good pop vibe.

Carving out a category of their own, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly crafted an album that keeps soaring from the very beginning.  Without taking some obligatory ballad break, the album continues with the charming yet rasping track, It’s On, which features fellow vocalist, Matt Bergers. Bergers vocals fit right into the pocket of this track that features a tinkering, chip-tune current that’s overlaid with the band’s signature, loud clash of sound.

While their tracks have that familiar unpolished indie production, that six-piece ensemble sound creates a larger-than-life presence on each track.  Featuring an instrumental vibe mixed with indie vocals and a dance spirit, undoubtedly this is a band that provides a treat for an audience looking for a change of pace from the ordinary.  In promotion of their new release, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly will be making stops in the Northeast for their debut tour.

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