If you are in need of a pair of incredible jeans, look no further than Warren Green, or as we like to now call him, “The Jean Man”! Warren is the founder and owner of Golden Girls Jeans aka GG Jeans (, which is a Canadian women’s jean company that has taken over all of North America recently with their new approach to comfort & style.

The Jean Man took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with us here at The Levity Ball about his growing company, his hockey idols, and what jean styles we can look forward to come Spring/Summer…

When did you first “know” that you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

This is a very good question, if you took a look at me and looked into my background prior to going into the jean business you would have said I am someone who would be so far away from going into that industry. I was into sports, girls and food, what I wore and what others wore were totally not important to me, a pair of sweats, tee shirts and running shoes was my look and still is today. What intrigued me about the jean business was the pace that the market changed and how much you can do to a jean to make it different. This is what caught me. Also, “Jeaners” are really different from the rest of the Apparel Industry.  A friend of mine was producing ladies junior jeans in Canada and he had told me there was a huge void in kids’ jeans, so he asked me to partner up with him and follow what he was doing in juniors.  Thirty years later my jean business covers all bottoms from infants to plus women and men.

Who were some of your role models growing up and one’s today?

When I look at role models growing up I relate back to hockey players, they were my idols.  Two players stand out in my mind as role models, one being Jean Beliveau and the other being Bobby Orr.  These were two players that were always leaders on their teams, not mainly in goal scoring but in team mates looking up to them.  These were also two people that meant so much to the community and to kids.  If you had an opportunity to meet them, they always made you feel that you are a somebody. In the business world I always looked up to Ralph Lauren and would love to emulate what he has achieved and how he went about it and how he believed in himself. In the real world my Mother is my role model; she lived a difficult life, never complained, worked two jobs and became financially comfortable on her own.  She taught me the most important thing in life, “Don’t live above your means, don’t live at your means, live below your means and you will always do fine” She is a great friend and role model.

jean1What is your favorite style of jean to wear, and favorite to see females wear?

My favorite jeans are “7for all mankind”, Slimmy fit, 98/2 cotton spandex. It fits great and really comfortable.  Of course my favorite jeans women wear are GG Jeans, they look great on all women and spell “COMFORT”

Your company is based in Canada… Was it difficult to expand to the United States?

Expanding into USA has been challenging, even though were neighbors our countries are really different.  I chose to focus in on boutiques and specialty shops.  Our jeans need to come with service and attention which is only really offered in those types of retailers.  Also, there are many towns in the US and every town has a ladies clothing store.  I also didn’t feel that a major retailer would appreciate the product out of the box.  The first state we focused on was Texas, and we had a great success.

What makes your jeans different than others?

The whole focus of our jeans is the following, “Comfort”.  I am giving the customer the most comfortable jean in the market as well as fashion and great washes.  Due to the construction of the fabric, the jeans lift up your bum as well as holds in your lower body.  There is nothing built into the garment like other companies have done.  When you’re wearing these jeans you just feel so good.  Our motto is “We have taken every woman’s body into consideration and made a perfect jean”

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Marry for money, not looks… just joking!!!! The best advice I was ever given was to stay focused in what you do and be the best at it.  You can’t be the best at everything.

What is your advice to others looking at getting into the fashion industry and create their own line?

It’s a great industry to get into but its fierce and competitive.  Most people getting into it are creative and want to become designers and merchandisers, unfortunately they have no idea about business or how a business makes money.  If somebody has the passion to get into this industry they should take their creativity to an existing company and learn what’s involved in running an Apparel business.  My advice is to focus on smaller stores who will appreciate their products and talent. 

What new products will you be selling come Spring/Summer?

For Spring/Summer, we have added more color into our line as well as focused on two Capri lengths.  We also added a third denim wash, being stonewash medium bleach which is booking up really well.

Where do you see yourself and Golden Girls Jeans in five years from now?

Golden Girls has been growing steadily with monthly increases, we have added more Sales Reps in USA and made a few changes in Canada.  Now that we have built a strong core foundation I would like to expand into the UK and German market through distribution channels over the next twelve months. 

I personally really enjoy the business and being a young 57 years old I am hoping that in five years from now I will have built up the base of the business and made it more Global.  Of course my ultimate goal would be to either have my daughters take over the Empire or sell the company to an International Corporation.