What’s in a name, after all? Well, if you’re a musician or a band, your name can tell quite a bit about what style of music you play, what you are like, or at the very least – what people can expect when they hear from you or venture out to a concert.

So when your name is Supermassive Wave, well, you better bring the heat every time. Luckily, this musical act does just that. Hailing from Santo Andre Brazil, Supermassive Wave is an electronic music act started by Murilo Portscheller on the occasion of splitting up with his old band in late 2010 and moving forward with new material and work.

As a musician himself, Portscheller had always been studying and fascinated by guitar music, as he had grown up influenced by the Stone Roses, Blur, Joy Division ,and a host of other guitar- and rhythm-based acts and traditional music scenes.

However, he always made a point to listen to and take in electronic music, as well, and with that, he learned far more about electronic music, its staples, and its format.

Fast forward to early 2012, when he along with the act known as Supermassive Wave released their first 7-tract EP, entitled Why So Serious? In addition, Supermassive Wave put forth several different major remixes for fans to listen to, including those from artists include Chase & Status, Phoenix, Foals, and the ever popular Primal Scream.

The best way to describe Portscheller and Supermassive Wave is to understand that he works in a very original way to combine his own specific rock influences of his past and background, with more innovatively electronic musicians and band, including M83, Washed Out, Digitalism and The Chemical Brothers.

In addition, listening to the Supermassive Wave track listings, you can expect quite a bit of reverberating synthesizer riffs that work to instill and produce a bit of a dreamy atmosphere to these unique tracks.

Electronic music is only getting bigger and bigger – and becoming, if we shall dare say it – a wave in and of itself. Knowing that, then, it’s awesome to see a Supermassive Wave – literally – set forth to take the electronic music world by storm. With guitar and traditional rock influences, Supermassive Wave provides a sound and background unlike anything you may have ever heard before.

Listen to What Soldier’s Can’t See? Or Daily Dream from their new extended play, and enjoy everything that Supermassive Wave has to offer across the board with a phenomenal background, intricate rhythms, and a unique mix of rock-based melodies and techno and electronic backdrops.

Their EP Why So Serious? as well as their new work Endless Dawn are both available today on Amazon, iTunes, and Rhapsody – you can purchase their music at any of these locations digitally and beyond as you enjoy this new breed of intelligent electronic music that pays homage to the past while looking ahead further into the future of the music and sound itself.