Aerosmith’s long delayed fifteenth studio album may be just on the horizon. According to front man Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, the group are putting the finishing touches on it now.

I’m on fire, you can tell,” says Tyler in a recent interview. “It’s one of the best Aerosmith albums ever,” he says. “I’m one of the worst judges of my own music because I’m very harsh, highly critical. But we waited until we had at least four really good songs that were representative and we got 19.”

The group expect to have the album finished and released by late Summer, but with so many delays, who knows. Their last album was Honkin on Bobo in 2004, and that was a collection of blues covers. Their last release of new material was 2001’s Just Push Play.

Joe Perry has found the path to Aerosmith a rough but rewarding one. “I’ve thought very often about throwing it over for just writing and doing my own thing, but nothing excites me as much as getting to do this. It’s about being in the studio and working and taking it day by day, and suddenly you find yourself here 40 years later.” 

The internal band conflicts, particularly between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have been well documented, much of it recently revolves around Tyler‘s decision to join American idol replacing Simon Cowell a few seasons prior. But apparently, the group are currently in a good place.

When asked about the album’s sound and Aerosmith’s past catalog, Perry said “I don’t spend much time listening to the records when they’re done. Usually I let go of it. Especially in the Eighties and Nineties – they were like product, almost. (There were) so many people involved, I felt like you lose ownership of the record. But I remember listening back to the tracks in the Seventies a lot, just for the fun of it. And this record, for some reason, I found myself doing that.

Aerosmith’s latest album is expected to be released in three months, putting its release at July. “We got two more songs to finish” before mixing. Among the song titles on the album are “Legendary Child,” “Beautiful” and “Out Go the Lights.”

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Image Source, Aerosmith 2012 Tour Promotions