Do you love it when you help little dogs by providing them food and shelter? Do you love to contribute towards society by helping people in taking initiatives for stray dogs? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then here is great news for you. On April 15, there is going to be an event for contributing towards the well-being of our beloved dogs. Organized by renowned companies like Star Vodka, Eurocircle, and Manhattan Cars, the event would be like a fine cocktail of a super mix of luxury fashion, scrumptious food, and drinks.

The amount generated from tickets of the event – ‘Spring Into Action,’ will be donated to the ‘Animal Aid Society, USA.’ This organization is made up of 100 percent volunteers, looking for a helping hand from citizens of USA to take care of the homeless dogs. The organization is in action since 2009, and has managed to save more than 7800 dogs till date. Recently, the organization collaborated with other organizations to stop the brutality of euthanizing animal shelters. This resulted in them saving hundreds of innocent dogs and cats.


Let’s focus back to event. Apart from the big factor that you can help in saving these animals, following are a few highlights of the event that will brief you about the programs planned by the organizers.

The event organizers have set the tickets in two categories in which the first category includes unlimited food, drink and fashion exhibition for two hours and the other is unlimited food, drinks and fashion exhibition for one hour. The organization has also provided an option to the people who don’t want to attend the event but still want to contribute. They can donate by simple and easy online transactions. The tickets are priced at $40 and $20 for two hour and one hour access respectively.

The tickets for the events are on sale already and will be available till April 15. People can buy these tickets online by visiting the link If you really want to enjoy free cocktails by Star Vodka, then you should grab your tickets as soon as possible. For those who are a no familiar with Star Vodka, it is an American Company that is popular for its famous luxury drinks that are produced with utmost quality.

The fashion exhibitions that will be held during the event include the exclusive fashion couture glimpses designed by Ivon Reyes Couture and a jewelry exhibition by Mina D. People can also enjoy the scrumptious donuts exclusively made by Doughnuttery.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now and help the innocent dogs, while enjoying a luxurious event.