Who doesn’t love a little (musical) experimentation to spice up life? Musical experimentation is the future and of course, Europe is behind the mastermind of new talent reaching from across the pond in the form of one man: Sam Waks a.k.a. Sound Strider.

The “Intrepid Travels” EP is like something out of a Ken Kesey mind-bending trip, It aims to create a feeling like you’ve just dropped some delicious musical acid (while remaining totally stone sober, of course). Currently living in France and Germany, Sound Strider has managed to drop one of the most psychedelic, transcendental, techno albums in recent years. When he isn’t releasing and working on what he calls “intelligent dance music” albums, Sound Strider plays all night shows and works “teknivals” in France. Sound Strider is full of what can be referred to as “pure psychedelic ethno-trigga funk for the information generation” and is a true underground musical genius.

The hidden meanings hidden behind the music are extremely interesting. He aims to “reconnect post modern man with his transcendental roots through the ancient ritual of drum and dance.” Inspirations for “Intrepid Travels” came after Sound Strider read The Electric Kool Acid Test by Ken Kesey-he realized that Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters “effectively laid the foundations and outlined the format of the modern electronic dance party phenomenon.”

Each track is designed to take the listened deeper into a musical trip and to possibly provoke intelligent thoughts and reflection-which they do. This type of music has sparked a completely new genre of dance-techo-experimental-triphop musicians. Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), is the new genre of music, coined by Sound Strider and is absolutely causing Europeans to go wild
Sound Strider promo 4 Web by Sebastian Andrews

“Intrepid Travels” EP, released November 5, 2013, is a unique “mind-wave coherence” that changes the brainwaves of anyone listening-sure that may mean having to listen a few times to really understand-but it’s worth it. Each track has a job and it’s up to the listener to jump into the ship and take off. Not to mention, the beats bringing this mind-wave to crest, personally and powerlessly made me get up and move.

Prometheus from L Hall on Vimeo.

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