Whether you’re a Christian or not, everybody knows the background of the David and Goliath story. It’s a story about an average man’s victory over the town’s biggest ruler. Standing at over nine feet tall, historians say, Goliath was about to whoop down on whom he thought had no chance. But in the turn of events, David came through by the mighty power of his God and wrecked Goliath. Completely knocked him off his feet.

Now let’s face it, the story itself is awesome whether you’re religious or not. Everybody likes to see the underdog win. You could even make a movie out of this story. But if we were to actually make this story into a film, we’d be missing one thing. What would it be? We have the story line, a lot of anticipation, and a great ending…but what’s missing? The music. Once we realize that music is a must, that’s when we would call Skyed Pillars to hop on the set.

Skyed Pillars is a solo artist from the UK, but currently lives in Germany. Skyed focuses on creating post-rock and post-metal music. I see his music very similar to Explosions in the Sky. He’s got those epic break downs that really get you pumped up. They’re like the jams that hockey players listen to before big games. The one’s that they get amped to so that they can break their opponents teeth. It’s that kind of music. They’re long songs that build up a load of anticipation, and then just drop it on you. Check out his song ‘Creation’ to see what I mean. I believe that Skyed Pillars music would fit perfectly to any underdog defeat story line.

In his latest album, ‘Cloud Opus’, Skyed uses a lot of melodic and up-lifting beats. He starts off with a song call ‘Cloud Opus’, and he really delivers to his audience with an array of iconic sounds that I have never heard of before. For such a new artist, he sure does have a lot of talent and drive. You can tell the amount of drive he has with the amount of individual sounds he throws in there. At any given moment, you can identify four to five radical sounds. People don’t understand how time consuming and hard it is to fit all of those sounds together, but I knew right off the bat that Skyed Pillars put a lot of work into this. A personal favorite of mine is the song ‘Cassiopeia’ because it shows how talented he is at mixing and mastering his music. It all blends together so well, and he incorporates a lot of different sounds that I would have never thought worked together. His last three tracks on the album all have a great victory feel. I also really like the fact that there are no lyrics in his songs. Sometimes lyrics can completely kill the song, and make it turn to crap. Skyed Pillars sees what’s most important and that’s the music itself. My final words to the audience about the album are short, sweet, and to the point. I would definitely recommend Skyed Pillars to anyone who can appreciate enjoyable, melodic music. This is the kind of music you can do anything to. Whether it’s a car ride, a fishing trip, rock climbing, falling asleep…or even cueing to a David and Goliath fight scene- Skyed Pillars fits any occasion.

Skyed Pillars is definitely one of those guys who needs to get noticed. Once someone finds him and picks him up, he should have no problem making this his career. If it’s not within the next few months, it will be within the next year. A contract is on its way for Skyed Pillars.


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