WXRT Radio earned the fun distinction and allowance of streaming Silversun Pickups newest album, Neck of the Woods for fans and non-fans alike. The album released May 8th, and is shaping up to be a continuation of their signature sound and style.

Neck of the Woods doesn’t reinvent the wheel of their own sound. The group still focus on extended and beefed up bass lines, and Brian Aubert’s often synthetic and whimsical voice. The album does heighten the electronics for varying degrees of success.

Silversun Pickups debuted with Carnavas in 2006, but it was their 2009 album “Swoon” and the single Panic Switch that really gave them life and attention to the masses. it still remains one of their best songs.

With rock and roll at an all time, well, interesting place, Silversun pickups offers a jolt of electrifying rock sensibilities, balancing out the hooks and style of R.E.M from the 90’s, and the guitar-driven overtones of My bloody Valentine, all molded into a pop shell of crafty proportions. Silversun Pickups may play it safe, but when you are as original and fresh as you are, are they really playing it safe after all?

Click on the link below for the full stream: