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On the ever-winding map of modern metal, certain bands make a more impactful international influence than others.  In the case of European influence, Serbian metal band AlogiA is leading the modern metal movement that’s sweeping the globe at a revolutionary rate.  As band, AlogiA has performed on various stages with many legendary acts like Whitesnake and Apocalyptica.   Additionally, AlogiA has participated in many historically important music festivals.  From Hendrix Fest to Hard’n’Heavy and Metal Days, the extent of their reach has not been ignored by the media.


For over 14 years, AlogiA has been a national treasure whose first label signing was even filmed by local television.   When it comes to progressive and powerful tones, AlogiA has always taken both their instrumentation and lyrical prowess to a new level of grit made by design.  Whether AlogiA is playing in a stadium, square, or theater, their performance is something that sticks within their fan’s memory and creates a new standard for live music in the hearts of all metal-heads.  Their latest album, ‘Elegia Balcanica,’ is flying off of the shelves and scheduled to be released worldwide in 2015.

AlogiA_Elegia_Balcanica_Front_CoverWith a refreshing new energy to AlogiA’s beloved music, ‘Elegia Balcanica,’  fans can expect to be hanging on the edge of their seat with every track.  In particular, ‘Almagest,’ highlights the band’s ability to tie intricate progressions into a tight and clean sound.  Each member of the band is given an opportunity to shine, and it goes without saying that every member aims to impress.  In fact, every track on this album offers a new groove for a classically appreciated riff.

As a headliner, AlogiA is known to provide an excitement and energy to their performance that feels almost theatrical.   If you’re looking for an example, check out ‘Vreme Je’.  The entire song is filled with an ambient presence that leaves the listener feeling like their head is in the clouds.

Altogether, AlogiA is the modern example of metal.  As a band that can fill and excite whatever stage lays before them, this modern metal band can expect to see great success in the years to come.  By combining talent and precision into every track, AlogiA fans can always expect to be impressed.  Get a taste of culture that can’t be replicated by relaxing with AlogiA and experience what metal can do for you.

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