It would seem the old adage “third time’s a charm” holds true for this Philadelphia Based Hip-Hop group.  You know I simply cannot tell a lie, I did not just stumble upon this “album” by chance. The guys asked me to check it out and share my thoughts. Before I go any further, I must sincerely thank those very same guys for bringing their work to my attention.

Sailing Away, released on September 14th, 2012 encompasses numerous influences and genres that build to create track after track of smooth-groove, constantly-flowing, mood-setting audible pleasure.  Comparisons have been made to Kanye West, Outkast, and even Chiddy Bang and rightfully so. These guys sample wisely, their production is first class, the lyrics supplied by Darryl Watson backed by Ryan Teodoro and co-written by Jamal Harrison are refreshing enough to get your head nodding in agreement and witty enough to put a smirk on your face as you do.

As The Board of Education states on their website, “The sound of the album takes many cues from different forms of slower music, such as ambient, shoegaze, downtemp, trip hop, and dream pop. The composition of the music is based on techniques that fuse 90’s electronic and hip-hop, by using sampling to create different layered sounds.” In essence when all this is put together, what emerges is “alternative hip-hop infused with an R&B core.” A genre onto itself and YES, there is very much a calling for it.

I’ve reviewed a duo along similar lines in the past that were signed, almost immediately thereafter, by Def Jam Universal. I have to say, in my opinion these guys are on the same path and I hope they find their way to some very similar very well-deserved places.

Probably the only thing I find difficult to understand is that they are gifting all 13 tracks of Sailing Away to the world.  I believe Karma exists in the Universe and if that belief is confirmed…great things are in store for The Board of Education.

  1. Sailing Away 06:36
  2. (Cold) Girl 03:21
  3. Dance With the Devil 03:36
  4. Comatose 04:12
  5. Slow It Down 06:22
  6. Suspended Animation 01:27
  7. Bank Reconciliation 04:00
  8. Thrill is Gone 06:07
  9. Lost 04:38
  10. A Message (To All MCs) 03:20
  11. I Need Some Time 05:00
  12. My Blue 04:49
  13. Sailing Away (Reprise) 08:38

Download Sailing Away:

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