Hailing from central Virginia, Ron Chester is a musician and song-writer with a really eclectic and unique approach, blending diverse influences and sounds under the guys of his pseudonym, Undertow.

This project is really hard to categorize and place under the umbrella of a single genre, playing around with hip hop, alternative rock and indie: Just think of a chimerical combination between Radiohead, System of a Down and Nas, where unpredictability is the rule: The 5 tracks featured on the EP “Red Bird Soliloquy” manage to stretch the reach of the sounds to different direction, while following the same watermark from start to bottom, giving a nice, compact vibe to the EP despite the refreshing diversity.


Usually I would say that a 5 songs EP can be quite short and in most cases, not enough to fully grasp the potential and the ideas of a new artist, but in this situation, you can tell that Ron Chester strives to create something unique and challenging, unlike anything out there.
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