There is a time and place for a karaoke band. A little girls birthday party. Your grandmother’s 50th Anniversary celebration. A impromptu set in a romantic comedy with the group covering ‘Journey’ while running through the city streets chasing after Amy or Joan or some other catch-all generic-named girl.

Not to knock romantic comedies or anything. If it wasn’t for romantic comedies, the power ballad would have died in 1983.

There are two great aspects about the group ‘Rock Idol.’ The first is more obvious- the group’s set list  The name Rock Idol would be terribly inappropriate if the group settled comfortably in 80’s synthpop. Their song list includes a slew of generational staples. Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Guns and Roses, and Billy Joel, to name a few. As far as recently, songs by Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Black Eyed Peas, and Blur round out their set.

The second greatest aspect could possibly be guessed if looking at the set list  The band employs a nice balance between male and female singers, not just to appeal to a wide audience, but to play to their strengths. ‘Rock Idol’ contains both a front woman and front man, allowing the two singers to teeter back and forth playing to the desires of the song. It is a fascinating dynamic that makes the band stand above a more traditional cover band arrangement.

The best things about the group ‘Rock Idol’ is their catalog, their two singers, and of course, their professionalism, which makes even the silliest most classic songs stand above and beyond a karaoke bar. This isn’t rock star excess. The songs are played cleanly, and the band portrays that charisma and expertise on and off the stage.

‘Rock Idol’ is available for a multitude events, as a small intimate band set, a full band, or a half-band (which I can only assume doesn’t mean cutting any members in half).

The group is more than accustomed to “during set” changes, having audience members swarm the stage, a lyric screen penning the audience with every vocal hook, and a chanting crowd overtaking the song. When rock and roll is concerned, it is anything goes- and that is just the way we like it.

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