Record stores seem to be going the way of the do-do bird and the manatee. Their disappearing faster than Blockbuster’s profit margins. None the less, Record Store Day is a music collector’s wet dream, a slew of limited items released on one special day and only available through record stores. May 21st will see Record Store Day hit a record store near you.

The day usually accompanies a lot of limited edition vinyls, items that will never be printed again. So get them while you can. Other items are releases or songs that have never been released before. Sometimes bands release their more obscure albums on vinyl for the very first time for debut on Record Store Day, with little intention of printing anymore. 

One of the most fascinating releases is from psychedelic pop group The Flaming Lips, who are releasing a collaborative mix album with many contributors, and will be collecting actual blood from most of the artists involved. yes, blood. Legitimately.

Kesha, Bon Iver, and Neon Indian are all involved with the project and have given blood for the exclusive Record Store Day release.

Not to be outshined, jack White is releasing a vinyl single that can only be played at 3rpm. For those who don’t know that means, a typical record spins 33 times per minute. 3rpm is 3 times a minute, which is just comically slow and almost impossible to play properly.

Follow the below link for a full listing of all Record Store Day releases, and contact your local record store to see if they will be involved.


Image Source, Record Store Day 2012 Official Logo