Joe Louis Walker, otherwise called JLW is an American artist, best known as an electric soul guitarist, artist, lyricist, and producer. His insight into soul history is uncovered by his utilization of more seasoned material and playing styles. NPR Music depicted him as “Capable, soul-mixing, savage and gritty. An incredible limit pushing symbol of cutting-edge blues.

Joe Louis Walker born in San Francisco, United States. He originated from a musical family, in the midst of the early impacts of T-Bone Walker, B.B. Ruler, Meade Lux Lewis, Amos Milburn, and Pete Johnson. Walker discovered the guitar at eight years old and turned into a known commodity inside of the Bay Area music scene by the age of 16. While openly performing through his adolescents, he gravitated towards numerous influences (particularly vocalists, for example, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Bobby Womack and Otis Redding). Over these early years, Walker’s musical pupilage saw him playing with John Lee Hooker, J.J. Malone, Buddy Miles, Otis Rush, Thelonious Monk, The Soul Stirrers, Willie Dixon, Charlie Mussel white, Steve Miller, Nick Lowe, John Mayall, Earl Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix. By 1968, he had manufactured a kinship with Mike Bloomfield; they were flat mates for a long time until Bloomfield’s unfavorable death.

This occasion was the impetus that put Walker into a way of life change. He cleared out soul’s universe and enlisted himself at San Francisco State University, accomplishing a degree in Music and English. All through this time, Walker was consistently performing with The Spiritual Corinthians Gospel Quartet. After a 1985 performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, he was propelled to come back to his soul roots after that he shaped the “Boss talkers” and marked to the High Tone name. Under the sponsorship of Bruce Bromberg and Dennis Walker, his introductory collection, Cold Is The Night was discharged in 1986. He started an overall visiting timetable, conveying four more discharges in progression for High Tone (The Gift (1988), Blue Soul (1989), Live at Slims Vol 1 (1991), and Live at Slims Volume 2 (1992).


JLW was discharged in 1994, highlighting visitors, for example, James Cotton, Branford Marsalis, and the Tower of Power horn segment. Amid this period, Walker’s visiting calendar saw numerous re-appearances at the world’s music celebrations (North Sea Jazz, Montreux, Glastonbury, San Francisco, Russian River Jazz, Monterey, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage, Byron Bay, Australia, Notodden, Lucerne, and at the Beacon Theater in New York City). Walker likewise invested years covering all the significant late night shows (Conan O’Brien, Imus, Jools Holland UK, initiation for George W. Shrubbery, accepting B.B. Ruler for President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton into the Kennedy Center Honors, Ohne Filter, Germany, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and additionally various others.

In 2012, Walker marked with Chicago-based Alligator Records and released Hellfire, delivered by Tom Hambridge. Announcement Magazine called it “One of the most grounded collections in Walker’s group. Hellfire blows everywhere… gutbucket soul, blissful gospel, Rolling Stones-style rock crunch, and throbbing R&B. Walker’s guitar playing is fine and savage. Hellfire is a sublime showcase for Walker’s virtues.”[5] In 2014, Alligator discharged Hornet’s Nest, likewise delivered by Hambridge. The Chicago Sun-Times said: “Hard shake to gospel, Hornet’s Nest is gladly present day, intended to rest easily nearby anything from the Black Keys or Jack White. Walker’s voice requests consideration: searing, beseeching, continually directing, it drives this dynamic collection alongside his overwhelming guitar fills that lay the preparation for the horn-peppered soul, Memphis soul, gospel concordance, and a vortex of force harmonies and funk. He is living confirmation of the limitless capability of blues.

Provogue is glad to release Joe Louis Walker’s 25th collection “Everyone Wants a Piece” on October 9, 2015!

With a vocation that about-faces to the 1960s, Joe Louis Walker is one of the pioneers of soul. The recompense is winning guitar slinger, vocalist and musician have played and recorded with everybody from Lightning Hopkins (who once diverted him from the stage) to B.B. Lord to James Cotton. Walker has released 24 more collections and two DVDs and traveled around the world. He’s won four Blues Music Awards, including the 2010 Album of the Year Award for Between A Rock And A Hard Place, and has been named for 47 more.

Drizzling fire from his guitar and spitting brimstone with his vocals, Everybody Want A Piece begins a fresh out of the plastic new section in Joe Louis Walker’s now fabulous career.