There is a collector in all of us. Some people it is coins, and for others (me!) it is music. We just love to collect, and it can teeter on obsession. But what we love more than collecting is a “positive message.” PocketPeople Dolls is a sensational new brand that seemingly grew from humble origins. Rita Ross began the brand to spread a message of fluid positivism, and through that, she has delivered a line of silly and artful individually crafted and designed dolls. Celebrities alike have supported her project with aplomb and support, including James Franco, Molly Ringwald, and Harrison Ford, among many others. There seems to be something so inheriting loving about the dolls and Ross seems to imply that with radiance as you can hear from conversing with her for even just a moment. I spoke a little with Ross about what brought her to this project, where she expects it to go, and why so many celebrities seem so attracted to her brand. 

PocketPeople Dolls seem to be a natural extension of the “collect them all” mentality. Is there something that makes Pocket People Dolls special and unique, not just for collectors, but for fans of dolls?

I think what makes them stand out is the heartfelt message they carry. Because PocketPeople started out as a hand-made doll, you can feel the meaning behind the brand shines through. Our first collection of six PocketPeople are called the “Love Tribe.” A heart on their pants and the message “Love Wins” on the back. This launches the first of many more peaceful yet powerful slogans we would like to share with the world through PocketPeople. 

The look of the dolls I’ve seen have been marvelous and really endearing. Is there a certain style you were striving for in designing them, and I should ask, have you personally designed them or worked with a team? Thank you!

I personally design each PocketPeople doll but I am also blessed with an enthusiastic team to help with other elements of designing and growing the brand. 

There seems to be an inherent adoration from celebrities for PocketPeople Dolls. Why do you think this is so?

Well, I think it’s just really nice to hold something that activates a feeling of child-heart or nostalgia. In a fast moving place like Hollywood, something sweet like a PocketPeople doll, allows you to push the pause button for a moment and just enjoy the simple things.

Were you a Beanie Baby collector? 
No, but I think their success is amazing and motivating! 

Many businesses and ideas end up crossing over. Have you ever imagined a PocketPeople cartoon or perhaps a video game that could help spread the message “Everyone Matters.”

Absolutely!  I’ve already written the story of the PocketPeople and many PocketPeople songs. I know it will make a beautiful cartoon series, or a stop-motion film. I have imagined it many times. In my heart, I see a world of Endless Pockebilities. Yay! 


Visit http://pocketpeopleavenue.com/ for more information about the little dolls, and why so many people seem enthralled by the positive project and the message it brings to kids and adults alike. Here are just a few, believe me there are many many more!