Pia Dean is a hot new British songwriter who is taking the indie music scene through creative songwriting, unique melodies, and great guest lead vocals. She’s a bit of an anomaly in the music scene today, not tied down to any one genre or style; instead, she’s inspired by starting anew on each track giving each one its on theme and style.

From reggae to blues, hard rock to R&B, Pia has channeled a bit of everything on her way through her music career, including Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Jim Morrison, Adele, Joss Stone, Bob Marley and Pink – proving her musical talent and taste for the eclectic. Shackling Pia in a single genre of music wouldn’t be fair, since her style, influences, and passions span so many styles and themes and are reflected in such a different way in every piece of her work.

For fans of a wide variety of music, Pia Dean channels all those interests and tastes, working with a variety of different vocalists and singers. In an era where music is only getting more boring and predictable, Pia breaks the mold with her unique and ever-changing style.

Pia’s work is a mature self-reflection of her musical environment, and showcases her humble beginnings in indie music as she charts her career upwards. Her emotions lay bare on every track, from moody and dark, to the most upbeat and cheerful, and she perfectly reflects the lives of her listeners through her music.

From her soulful acoustic work to a more intricate and demanding electronic music style, Pia provides an intriguing combination of easy and hard, fast and slow, hot and cold. No two tracks sound the same, but with every track, you know what you’re going to get – raw, authentic emotion covered with the perfect music and lyrics.

Most recently, Pia released a track called “Another Maybe,” that features Caroline Langford on vocals. In addition, she’s also released “Achilles Heal,” featuring Nikki Dine-Hart on vocals. Both tracks have had videos produced for distribution, as well, with the Langford video shot by indie filmmaker Tom Martin.

Currently, Pia resides in Cambridge, England, where she’s writing music and producing more music to be released at a later date. You can connect with her for more on Twitter or Facebook, where she regularly corresponds with fans and keeps everyone up to date on her future songs and work.