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If there is one special treat everyone can agree they enjoy, it’s fudge! And one of the top fudge brands (gluten-free also) in North America right now is Offenbacher Fudge which is created by Kelly Dixon and her family!

So, what makes this fudge from Texas so great that people everywhere, including Hollywood celebs, just can’t get enough of it? Well, The Levity Ball sat down with Kelly and got her to open up (and give us some tasty treats) on the truth behind her successful fudge business!

How did you get into the fudge business?

I had an epiphany a few days after my mother died. I was sitting in her chair and we were talking about what a gourmet cook she was, when this feeling came over me that mom’s legacy needed to continue with her fudge. She used to make it every Christmas. It was so decadent that places like Neiman Marcus would want to carry it.

What makes your fudge different than others out there?

It’s all natural, no preservatives and it’s Gluten-Free. Literally it is a Piece of Heaven in Every Bite!

You recently have been involved with a lot of Hollywood events such as the Oscars… How has the response been from celebs who have tried your products?

I have had over 100 known and rising celebrities enjoy my fudge. Their response has been, “Oh My God, this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted!”

Which of your fudge products/flavors do you enjoy most personally?

My flavors are like children. You have favorites, but they are all special. The Original Recipe that my mother used to make, which is Milk Chocolate and English Walnuts, brings back memories of a wonderful childhood Christmas. All my other flavors are Dark Chocolate. The Roasted Hazelnut Raspberry has a flirtous pairing with a fine wine. The Peanut Butter has a classic old turn-of-the-century taste. The Black Walnut Champagne, the name says it all. The Macadamia Kahlua Coffee is a good way to wine down your evening. And last but not least, the Cashew Mango is for the sweet-n-salty lovers!

Where do you see your company in five years? Any new flavors coming up?

I see Offenbacher becoming the most well-known fudge company in the world… And a spicy fudge flavor is in the work!

What is your advice to others looking at getting into the gourmet dessert or treat industry?

First, have a good business plan. Second, have sufficient funding. Third, have passion about your product and company. I was very blessed that my product derived from my mother and there is nothing more special than a mother’s love.

If you weren’t creating this amazing fudge, what do you think you would be doing?

I would be designing Kelly Dixon purses and shoes.

Where can people buy your fudge / products?

You can purchase our amazing fudge by visiting our website: We offer over-night shipping. Or if you are visiting Texas, come by our retail store at 2548 E. Broadway in Pearland.